Meet a Graduate Casey Blades

Published: January 10, 2016

Meet Casey, a Strategy graduate. Let’s get to know you a little better!


Loving your to top three facts – a health champion in the making:

1. Today is my 18th day trekking though the mountains in Nepal, my 222nd kilometre and my first proper shower in way too long. Two or so more days (of downhill!!!) to go then off to India!

2. I (mostly) believe that ‘fun’ runs are actually fun, and generally try to do a few cool ones during the year. My favourite way to start the weekend is with a morning run, followed by a massive brunch to ruin the hard work.

3. After which I’d be perfectly content to spend the rest of the day in bed reading – my travel to India has inspired me to read all fiction related to India the last few months. My favourite being ‘A fine balance’ by Rohinton Mistry – definitely recommend.


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