Meet a Graduate Courtney Brown

Published: February 1, 2016

Meet Courtney, a Provider Networks & Integrated Care graduate. Let’s get to know you a little better!

Here are 3 fun facts:

1. I am a Kmart fiend. I follow every Kmart centric Instagram account that I can. As a result every Kmart product I own is the result of an impulse purchase sparked by an unhealthy fear that in the time I take to consider my purchase that the product will sell out.

2. I love to cook! As a child I would help mum out in the kitchen, and particularly enjoyed baking. However since finding out I am intolerant to a billion things I have enjoyed creating ‘Courtney friendly’ recipes! Ask me for my spicy carrot salad recipe!

3. I make a fantastic cup of tea. A self confessed T2 addict, I have a cupboard full of different teas and have been known to mix and match flavours. In the warmer months I love an iced tea, and an alcoholic iced tea doesn’t go astray!


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