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Fitting Out Medibank Place

Published: June 2, 2016

Melbourne’s Medibank Place is an architectural delight that aims to provide an innovative workplace environment that promotes healthy living. With a large and spacious interior layout, the colourful interior fit out is a playful and collaborative environment for Medibank’s customers, staff and the Melbourne community.

As Australia’s largest largest health insurer, Medibank Place was designed to support mental and physical well being, resulting in one of the healthiest workplaces in the world. This is encouraged by Medibank Place’s ability to provide 26 different work environments from quiet individual workspaces, to well as larger collaborative spaces, and wi-fi enabled balconies, as well as an edible garden to promote healthy living, and a sports court for recreational activities.

Robert Harper, an Interior Designer for Hassell Studio describes Medibank Place as, “a lively and vibrant place, with a company philosophy built around activity health and wellbeing. This can be seen in the interior fit out in a whole host of areas but is especially clear in the now somewhat iconic atrium.”

Of principle concern was ensuring each piece was truly unique and maintained the boldness of design consistent throughout the project. The resulting rugs are bright, large-scaled geometrics in a bold, pop art style, in a distinctive ‘pod’ shape, making the rugs a clear feature point on every floor.

“It’s very rare in corporate interior design to have no restrictions,” says Sandii Malka, Art Director at RC+D, “but the Medibank project was fun. They really wanted that ‘wow’ factor with vibrant colours. Each floor had a base colour and tile with a different storyboard, while still maintaining the same geometric influence, but showing variation with scale and texture. All the rugs are handmade and hand tufted, using pure New Zealand wool”.

The interior fit out of Medibank Place is a lively design that embodies Medibank’s determination to create an enjoyable and playful workspace with a core focus on health and wellbeing.

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