New to Medibank – Joon Hur

Published: June 9, 2016

Name: Joon Hur

Job title: People Services Adminstrator

Division: People & Culture

Location: Medibank Place, Melbourne

Where did you work before Medibank? I was a senior retail store manager at EB Games for ten and a half years.

What’s your most memorable career moment to date? Being able to travel around to different stores, work with old and new employees in different stages of their career, helping train, grow and support the staff in their careers and watching them succeed and flourish.

What attracted you to a role at Medibank? I had started to think about taking a step in a new direction away from retail, primarily in the human resources or training areas. My passions lie in working with people and development, in supporting teams, and employees in their various endeavours. Medibank seemed like a great place to work, with an exciting culture focused around people and their individual health and happiness. I wanted to work for a company that embraced people culture and worked toward the future with their employees together.

What is the first thing you do when you start a new job? I like to try to get to know my colleagues, and learn about the teams around me. I spend a little time assessing the workplace and adjust to fit into the team and the work quickly.

What was your first paid job? I had a newspaper route when I was 10 years old for my local news agency. Does that count? Otherwise, my first real job was as the overnight manager at KFC crown casino when I was 19.

What do you spend time doing when not working? I mainly like to do geeky things, like playing electronic games, or tabletop games. I also do live roleplaying and am part of a medieval re-enactment group. I also however play professional paintball as well. Clearly I have too many hobbies…..

What is something that not many people know about you? I have played professional paintball both at a national stage, and an international stage.

What does ‘For Better Health’ mean to you? Taking the time to find a good work/life balance as this has been hard to do in my previous roles. Making the effort to catch up with friend and family, while also finding the time to get healthy and both mind and body.


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