Chiara’s Story

Published: June 15, 2016

Name: Chiara Scotellaro

Job title: Care Navigator

Location: ACT

What made you want to join Medibank?

I wanted to return to full time work but needed to find something office based with long term stability. I was also looking for an employer that would support me during my transition back into full time work. I almost didn’t apply with Medibank at first as I had some bad experiences in corporate jobs due to stress and lack of support. What swayed me in the end was how perfectly the advertised role suited my blend of skills. The application process also included an opportunity for me to discuss what kind of supports I would need in relation to my health. I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis six years ago and disclosing my condition to my prospective employers was a personal choice I made. I wanted to work with an employer who would support me, help me stay well and not see my diagnosis as a barrier.

 What does your job involve?

I am a Care Navigator for the CareComplete Program in the ACT. I’m phone based support for people enrolled in the CareComplete Program. I assist participants to navigate the health system which I know, from first-hand experience, can be difficult and confusing at times. I do this by enrolling participants, staying in touch and checking in on their progress. I’m also a key point of contact for participants and a liaison between them and their care coordinator.

What is your proudest/most enjoyable moment at Medibank?

One of many proudest moments was finishing my first week of work, which was training, away from home, so it was very full on.

The most enjoyable part is my contact with the participants of the program. Some of the people we are enrolling are so happy for the assistance that CareComplete can offer them. It’s wonderful to be part of something that can really make a change in that person’s life. I’ve been involved in health coaching in my local community which was amazing but now I feel part of something much bigger.

What’s the best thing about working for Medibank?

The best thing is the team of people I work with and the warm welcome I received when I started here. Everyone is just as passionate as I am so there is a lot of positive energy and a sense that everyone is doing whatever they can to make CareComplete a success. We are also a diverse group of people from many different backgrounds. I think we really use our diversity as an advantage. This is reflected in the feedback we receive from our enrolled participants.

What are the facilities and working environment like in your office?

The facilities and environment are quite peaceful here in Canberra, there is a small group of people where I work and I am able to take calls in a private space away from the open office. After working in large call centres this feels nice and relaxed. It also gives our participants a better quality experience considering they are discussing their health needs. There is nothing worse than receiving a call from a noisy call centre where you can hear the conversations with other customers going on.

How has Medibank encouraged diversity and inclusion in your workplace?

I think by me being here shows inclusion. I had applied for other jobs before but when I first spoke to the recruitment team at Medibank I got a sense that my health condition was not going to be an issue at all. They knew what questions to ask me and knew what to do with the answers I gave them. I felt that Medibank as an employer was going to be a good fit for me.

I also noticed in my very first week that there were a lot of women in leadership positions. I had never encountered so many women in management and executive positions before and as a career focused woman seeing that gender balance was encouraging.

How do your managers or senior leaders inspire and guide you to help you achieve your potential?

I have had a lot of professional experience. There have been some occasions where my abilities have been underestimated and I have felt I’ve had to prove that I was in fact a competent employee. There was none of that with my managers and colleagues here. They treated me as they treated anyone else on the team and recognized my background and experience. The most inspirational moment was when I was told it was a privilege to have me on the team. That meant a lot to me. I’ve always been ambitious but the kind reception I received here at Medibank has already got me thinking ahead about what I can achieve here.

What has surprised you most about your role with Medibank?

That warm reception, the amount of women in leadership roles feeling included and the team I work with. It has really been beyond my expectation.

What would you say to someone considering a role at Medibank?

 Inclusion, diversity and equality as well as engagement and employee wellbeing are words that you often see at induction or on posters around the office, but here at Medibank I have seen these concepts in action. I would say to anyone thinking of applying, Medibank deliver on what they say.


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