New to Medibank – Leonie Katekar

Published: June 15, 2016

Name: Leonie Katekar

Job title: Clinical Director Provider Networks

Division: PNIC

Location: Melbourne

Where did you work before Medibank? Department of Health, Darwin, Northern Territory

What’s your most memorable career moment to date? When I was working in Tasmania in a country hospital, one of the wives of the specialists approached me at a children’s birthday party and said ‘there has been a lot of changes since you have been here, and we want you to keep up the good work!’ It meant a great deal to me to be able to implement change ensuring this was supported by the clinicians.

What attracted you to a role at Medibank? The Medibank Corporate Strategy around the Triple Aim and the chance to work in a place where this opportunity to link hospital outcomes with primary care outcomes drew me here.

What is the first thing you do when you start a new job? Get to know everyone and the organisational culture. I often ask people what would they like to see changed and what would they like to stay the same.

What was your first paid job? Working as my mother’s secretary after school. Mum was a GP and her surgery was based at home which was common at the time for women.

What do you spend time doing when not working? Family, futsal, running, cycling and spending a lot of time dining and laughing with my friends.

What is something that not many people know about you? I’ve done two marathons, one in Gold Coast and the other in Paris.

What does ‘For Better Health’ mean to you? I play in my son’s futsal team – not many mums have looked after themselves well enough to do that.

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