Thought of the day – Karen Oldaker

Published: June 30, 2016

Like many Australians I’m in the midst of the school holiday juggle .. that dance between guilt as a working parent and relief that I’m not spending every waking hour with my children, two active and very different boys, in winter, in a small confined space …. Lucky for me my kids are with my wonderful partner today, while I was in a meeting where the conversation moved towards the convenience of food as a way to placate kids and the fact that ‘convenience’ food is nearly always considered ‘junk’ . So I thought I’d share with you our recent page on Be.Magazine which is dedicated to really easy ‘fast fresh food’ from the garden (or fruit and veg shop) to the plate… all inspired by our wonderful community partner the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation!

Importantly the recipes are ones that kids can cook while you kick back and wait to be served by them for being the amazing parent you are…..  not to mention you’ll be teaching them life skills!


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