Nikita’s Graduate Application Tips

Published: July 7, 2016

Hi there, my name is Nikita and I am an IT Graduate in Medibank’s Graduate program. I am currently rotating within the Technology and Operations division.

It can sometimes be challenging to apply for Graduate programs while undertaking university and working or having other commitments. Keep reading to learn about my own personal experience and some quick tips that can assist you along the way…

A little bit about me
I completed my degree in Information Technology (Professional Practice) at Federation University. I also had the opportunity to complete a three year internship with IBM, working as an Analyst within the Compliance field.

My number one tip…
Make sure that you have a basic understanding of the company before applying. This will ensure that you have the opportunity to evaluate if you will be a good fit with the company’s culture and values. It is important that you are happy and feel that you have a real connection and passion to the company.

What made me apply to Medibank?
At the time of applying, I was passionate and driven to work for a company that provided an authentic purpose, the opportunity to make a positive impact while also making a real difference. I love that Medibank’s purpose is meaningful and has a real impact in not only our delivery of Health Insurance, but in conjunction with our continuous work in the Health Assurance space.

Medibank’s Graduate program has provided me the opportunity to continuously learn, develop my skills, take on opportunities and have exposure to real challenges within each of my rotations, while working together as a team – I love that no two days are the same!

It’s easy to feel a bit nervous
During the recruitment stages, it can be a stressful time. My personal experience within the numerous recruitment stages was to never forget that this is also an exciting time. It’s important to simply be yourself and show your honest passion for the company that is authentic and present within each of the recruitment stages!

Let’s look at some quick tips you can use today
1. Plan early and be organised – Make sure you allocate enough time to apply for the role. This will ensure that you aren’t rushed, you can evaluate your fit to the company and you can give the application your full attention without the distractions!

2. Graduate Career Websites – There are sites that target Graduate program roles such as Graduate Opportunities. This can assist in matching you to the Graduate Program you want to undertake. You can use filters such as refining by state or which degree you have completed to assist.

3. Create your own opportunities – If you haven’t undertaken work experience, consider volunteering in a cause you are passionate about or you’re interested in. It’s a great opportunity to not only give back, but also develop key skills that can assist you in demonstrating your experiences.


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