Q&A with Customer Service Officer Anna Herzberg

Published: July 8, 2016

What made you want to join Medibank?
I had recently moved to Melbourne and knew that the office was based here. I knew the call centre staff were friendly. My previous employer had a large number of staff with Medibank and my partner and I were (and still are) personally insured with Medibank too. I knew that I wanted to be part of a large organisation, and through my dealings with Medibank I got the impression that the company would be interesting to work for.

What does your job involve?
I work in the call centre taking calls from our members and managing the cases they raise. I took part in the early days of testing a major systems upgrade, and at the moment I am doing a lot of floor walking to help my colleagues learn the ins and outs of the new system.

What is your proudest/most enjoyable moment at Medibank?
There have been a few members who have called at times of great personal stress, or didn’t really understand how their cover works. I have found that listening patiently, while being empathetic and making sure to ask the right questions, can do wonders. While my job obviously requires me to help people all the time, I feel fantastic heading home at the end of the day knowing that I have helped someone who truly needed it. If I’ve made someone’s difficult day just that little bit easier, I’m happy.

What’s the best thing about working for Medibank?
The work environment and people are fantastic. I enjoy working in an open space with a team of people who all want to help.

How does Medibank help you to do the things in life you love to do most?
I like working regular hours so that I can spend time out of work volunteering at the RSPCA and spending time with friends. I like how Medibank’s ‘I am Better’ campaign encourages myself, my partner and our friends to stay outdoors a little longer and enjoy the small things.

What are the facilities and working environment like in your office?
I really like the open feel and all of the colours in the building. If I’m going to spend a lot of the days indoors, I’d better do it in one that’s nice and appealing J

What support have you received to achieve your career ambitions?

During my time with Medibank, I have had very supportive team leaders who have always looked out for me and my colleagues. Team leaders at Medibank want us to succeed and support us in every step and direction we want to take, by providing us with coaching or one-on-one meetings.

What career development opportunities have you experienced?
Since day one with Medibank I have undergone a lot of training to become a better agent. The training never really ends as there as so much to learn and a lot of new things, so I’ve progressed from a support role to the member advocacy space. I had the opportunity to be a part of a trial for a major systems upgrade. Having a lot of knowledge of the system and the business reasons behind why we work the way we do has led to a wonderful opportunity to share this with my team mates as a floor walker.

How do your managers or senior leaders inspire and guide you to help you achieve your potential?
The managers at Medibank are always around to help and are there if we need them whether it is personal or professional. They inspire us to become better by coaching us and giving us different opportunities to shine. I have been lucky to have two great team leaders who have helped to bring out the best in me. They’ve helped to find my real strengths, and have also helped me to build skills in areas that I am now a lot more confident in.

What has surprised you most about your role with Medibank?
I had no idea you could insure pets, let alone what a big area it is. My partner and I have introduced our gorgeous red tabby Theo to the Medibank family. He still hates the vet just as much as beforehand, but at least the bills are less stress to me now!

What would you say to someone considering a role at Medibank?
Go for it! We get a lot of opportunities to show our skills and strengths. The friendly environment really helps you to progress to bigger greater things.


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