Q&A with Sourcing Specialist, Ben Maton

Published: July 11, 2016

Meet Ben Maton, Sourcing Specialist in the Technology & Operations Commercial & Sourcing team.


What made you want to join Medibank?

Medibank’s clear vision of evolving from a health insurer to a health assurer makes it an appealing place to work. This way of thinking demonstrates the company’s desire to innovate and reinvent the way it provides better health outcomes for the Australian people. I feel as if there is a lack of innovation in the health industry around experimenting with disruptive technologies in order to tackle the rising costs of healthcare and I’m hoping that Medibank will be the place where we can lead this change.

What does your job involve?

As a Sourcing Specialist in the Technology & Operations Commercial & Sourcing team, it is my role is to ensure that Medibank is receiving the best possible commercial outcomes with our suppliers. This is achieved through working closely with our legal team and the business to ensure negotiations drive successful outcomes for all impacted stakeholders. On top of that it also involves running tenders, providing commercial analysis, building business cases, reporting and planning.

What is your proudest/most enjoyable moment at Medibank?

My most enjoyable moment to date is getting the opportunity to work in large project teams to negotiate and deliver upon a number of significant deals/projects and seeing how the results of these play out. The opportunities that I have been given are extremely valuable in the experiences I have gained and the things that I have learnt.

What’s the best thing about working for Medibank?

The best thing about working for Medibank is its people. I have had the opportunity to work alongside some brilliant professionals who have taught me so many things over the past year and a half. Support and encouragement from my peers and managers has allowed for me to improve exponentially in my own development and skillset.

How does Medibank help you to do the things in life you love to do most?

By providing an excellent work life balance culture and a flexible work space this allows for me to have the freedom to do things outside of Medibank that I love. I enjoy a challenge and working at Medibank provides me with a new challenge every week. By enjoying work it reflects on how I act outside of work and hence increases my overall happiness and wellbeing in pursuing the things I love.

What are the facilities and working environment like in your office?

The facilities and working environment in the Medibank head office are excellent. They are vibrant, diverse and extremely flexible. This allows for a very engaging and productive work space which caters to each individuals working needs.

What support have you received to achieve your career ambitions?

My senior leaders and HR have all been extremely supportive in providing me with encouragement and opportunities to help me achieve my career ambitions. This includes regular feedback sessions, career planning and mentoring opportunities to enable my professional growth.

What career development opportunities have you experienced?

Medibank has provided me with many career development opportunities through training courses, mentoring and team building exercises. I have also moved into a new role and a new area of the business allowing me to expand my skillset and continue along my professional career path.

How do your managers or senior leaders inspire and guide you to help you achieve your potential?

My managers tend to lead by example and provide me with support and encouragement to take on challenges; contributing towards achieving my full potential.

What has surprised you most about your role with Medibank?

The diversity in my responsibilities and the opportunities of working across so many different parts of the business has surprised me the most about my current role. This has been great as it has allowed me to learn so much about the health insurance business as well as expand my own professional network.

What would you say to someone considering a role at Medibank?

If you enjoy a challenge, a fast paced environment filled with opportunities and working with excellent people, then Medibank is the place for you.


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