Graduate Application Tips

Published: July 15, 2016

Hi everyone, I’m Ashley Ware, People & Culture Graduate at Medibank. The various application processes for graduate roles can be quite nerve wracking and stressful. I’ve taken the time to offer some insight about my experience with Medibank’s application process last year, and some tips I hope you will find helpful when applying for the Medibank Graduate program.


  1. Resume & online application

Structure your resume clearly. Have clear headings, points and use a generic font.

When describing your skills, try to be specific about how you obtained those skills or in what circumstance you’ve demonstrated or made use of the skills.

It’s also in your best interest to fill out any open answer application questions as complete as possible. Unless asked, try and elaborate and write more than a sentence. Always tie your answers back to what makes you a great fit for Medibank and why Medibank will be a great fit for you.

  1. Psychometric testing

To do well in the psychometric testing stage, it’s a good idea to do some practice tests online so you know what to expect. Once you are ready, go somewhere quiet where you won’t be distracted. Have a notebook and pen with you in case you want to write anything down as you go through the test.

Don’t leave the test until the last minute in case something unexpected comes up or your internet connection fails!

  1. Video interview

I felt one of the more difficult things about a video interview is the strangeness of answering questions to your computer camera. My personal (and slightly weird!) trick that helped me a lot was to print out a small picture of the face of someone I knew and stick it just behind/next to my laptop camera. This meant I could essentially, relax and look at the picture of my friend, as I was answering the questions, while it still seeming from the other end that I was looking into the camera!

  1. Assessment centre

I attended a couple of assessment centres for different companies during my graduate program search, and Medibank’s was definitely the more enjoyable one. Last year, the assessment centre went for around half a day and was very informative. We went through a presentation on Medibank’s vision and values, before moving on to team activities. All the activities were challenging but fun, and encouraged a lot of great conversation and collaboration between applicants.

My tip for the assessment centre would be to stay calm, mature, and focused on the task at hand. In group activities make sure you take the opportunity to give your input and actively listen to the other applicants.

  1. Final interview/s

The most useful thing you could do before your final interview is to think through your past experiences in life, at university or at work, and find some examples to use as answers to behavioural style questions. Consider why you are interested in working at Medibank, and what you want to get out of a graduate program here. Be confident in your own abilities – you got this far for a reason. Make sure you dress smart, and arrive early.

Most importantly – be yourself!



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