Nicholas Ward’s path back to Medibank

Published: July 25, 2016

I joined Medibank in 2012 as National Relationship Manager in its Workplace Health Division. In March 2014, I left Medibank and took up the position of National Sales Manager at Unified Healthcare Group (UHG).

After one and a half years with UHG, I re-joined Medibank to head up the Access and Coordination (MAC) team in our Population Health Delivery Networks (PHDN) division. This is a division of Medibank that aims to facilitate quality, affordable healthcare for clients that have large and diverse populations. The MAC team services three distinct client groups: The Australian Defence Force (ADF), the Australian Government Department of Human Services, and Medibank’s internal Utilisation Management.

  1. What are your responsibilities in your current role at Medibank?

As Head of Access and Coordination, I lead four operational teams (comprising a total of 60 employees) that support Population Health initiatives. We do this by delivering health support services such as access to provider networks, coordinating medical appointments for ADF members and Disability Support Pension (DSP) claimants, contacting PHI members before and after hospital admissions, and managing costs and authorising payments.

  1. Why did you leave Medibank?

Due to a realignment of roles within Medibank, my previous role was unfortunately made redundant. Whilst I had options to remain in the business, I made a personal decision to move to Bright, a small alpine village in Victoria, and work with a smaller, boutique health business (UHG). So it was a combination of workplace changes and a personal decision (a tree-change!)

  1. How did your experience at Medibank help you outside of Medibank?

I built strong relationships with my colleagues in Medibank and also with industry stakeholders that have continued to this day. I also gained incredible knowledge and insight into the health assessment industry that set me up perfectly for my role with UHG.

More importantly, I caught the vision of what Medibank is aspiring to be – a leader in healthcare solutions in Australia where we are, as an industry and a nation, facing issues such as higher rates of chronic disease, an ageing workforce, and rising healthcare costs. That vision worked its way into my own thinking and thought leadership, and helped me focus on the bigger-picture challenges and issues we will face in the future.

  1. During this period, how did you stay connected with Medibank?

I became friends with many of my colleagues and direct reports. There are so many ways to stay in touch these days, not just through industry connections but also social media networks like Facebook and LinkedIn.

  1. What made you decide to return to Medibank?

The opportunity to work with Justine Cain and her amazing team in Population Health Delivery Networks and be a part of the bigger-picture solution. And the opportunity to lead a large and incredibly diverse team.


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