First week as a Graduate – Here’s Courtney’s story

Published: July 25, 2016

Health Management Graduate, Courtney, tells us about her first week at Medibank!

Starting a new job can give rise to feelings of uncertainty. In my opinion, starting a new job within a new sector and at the beginning of your career brings about more than just feelings of uncertainty! Thankfully the good folks at Medibank know how to make sure new starters settle in smoothly.

(Please note: if you are not an anxious being like me and you are the cool, casual gal that I wish I was, you will breeze through day one as the cool, casual gal that you are).

In the morning, I caught a train that would get me to work a mere hour before we were expected to meet as a group. Classic laid back Courtney.

Medibank had arranged an orientation for the incoming graduates in October of the previous year. This was a great opportunity to break the ice with each other and limit the awkwardness you feel as you linger at reception alone. Medibank had also set up a Graduate specific Instagram account so that we could get to know each other on a social platform prior to starting. Recognising other graduates on my first day in the role definitely helped to reduce my new-job nerves. Additionally, the orientation and the Medibank Graduate Instagram account generated great anticipation to work in the incredibly charismatic building that is Medibank Place.  Having a prior understanding of the activity based working environment ‘Thrive’ prepared me for the fluid and fun environment that I thought would take a lot to get used to (In actual fact, I now love the thrive environment. I appreciate the freedom to move to areas that are suited to the varying tasks you have).

On our first day we were met by the People & Culture team who introduced us to Medibank through a series of presentation packs. I was particularly interested in the work that Medibank was doing in the healthcare industry within the Provider Networks Integrated Care space. This cemented my belief that I had chosen the right environment to kick off my career. On the first day our initial rotation was made clear and we briefly met our People Leader. I was placed in the Population Health Delivery Networks team, and was encouraged that my People Leader was someone I met through the recruitment process.

Medibank had organised a lunch for the new graduates, giving us further opportunity to get to know one another in an informal setting. I was impressed at the multidisciplinary backgrounds that all of us had come from, and knew that we would have great learning opportunities ahead.

Even though I have been at Medibank for six months now, I am definitely not any closer to being the cool, casual gal that I longed to be on day one. But I have learnt so much in such a short space of time and am very encouraged by the great coaching and learning opportunities that Medibank provides. I have been pulled and stretched to work in ways I didn’t know were possible and am optimistic about the remainder of the graduate program.

Yours Sincerely,

A not so nervous graduate


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