Why Lori will Wear It Purple

Published: August 24, 2016

Lori Turner is the Senior Business Partner for Communications and Change, and a proud member of Medibank’s LGBTI Passion + Pride Group. We caught up with Lori to talk about why Wear It Purple is so important to her.

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I live in the Macedon Ranges with my husband Grant and my 7-year-old twins Zavier and Chloe. I love our semi-rural living amongst the chooks, trees, and mountains! I also love to cook (eat), go camping and read books when I get the time.

What does it mean to you to bring your whole self to work?

To me, this means that you can be yourself totally, and the diverse backgrounds and experience of our people ultimately represent our customers and communities in which we operate. It means you are celebrated and valued regardless of gender, sexuality or cultural and religious beliefs. I am proud to work for an organisation that is so authentic about Diversity & Inclusion, and I’m passionate about working in and contributing to an environment that celebrates diversity.

Why will you be wearing purple on 26 August?

Well, I consider myself to be a super LGBTI ally! Some of the people I love the most identify as LGBTI and I will be wearing purple to support them and all LGBTI youth to scream from the rooftops that it is OK to be who you are. Actually, more than OK, It’s AWESOME! I want to contribute to building an organisation, society, and world that not only accepts but embraces LGBTI young people in our generation and importantly the next!


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