Casey to tackle half marathon!

Published: October 12, 2016

Casey Blades, from the Medibank Graduate program, is looking forward to the Medibank Melbourne Marathon this coming weekend. Casey is competing in all 21.0975 kilometres of the half marathon and shares with us how she is preparing for the event!

What motivated you to take on this challenge?
Initially, it was about beating my boyfriend, however since that challenge was set he has definitely excelled at the necessary training to run a fast race, so now it’s really just about proving I can get out there and get it done with a smile on my face, on what is hopefully a picture perfect day!

Tell us about your training program, to date?
Having moved to Melbourne from Brisbane earlier this year, I’m finding it somewhat difficult to get outside in the arctic conditions and get the legs pumping. Having said that, I’ve done a few long runs here and there, enjoy getting down to Parkrun when the weather is nice, and I’ve got a pretty decent base fitness level that *should* have me covered.


What gets you across the line on the day?
Solid preparation! However, I’ve got my fingers crossed that the excitement on the day, the determination to prove my boyfriend wrong and a little bit of luck will get me there. It also doesn’t hurt that we get to cross the line inside the MCG!

How will you reward yourself after the event?
After the event, you’ll find me at the closest burger bar with a beer in one hand, a burger in the other and a mouthful of chips. This will be closely followed by an evening of lazing around at home with a total ban on any life admin type actives (and reminding anyone who will listen that I’m an athlete!).

The Medibank Melbourne Marathon (Sunday 16 October) is expected to draw more than 30,000 Australians, including 5,000 Medibank members, of all fitness levels. Medibank Brand Ambassador Michelle Bridges will also be on hand for the marquee health and wellness event.

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