2015 Shine Awards winner, Emily, shares her story

Published: November 8, 2016




As a Clinical Lead, Emily spends her days managing a team of fifteen Triage Nurses as well as offering constant support to the broader Nurse Triage group in Australia. She has done exceptionally well bringing together a team of people from different locations and who, just like herself, are all dealing with a variety of situations.

“I may do some call reviews, write an education piece, debrief with a nurse after they have dealt with a challenging call, assist a nurse with a child at risk notification, review a policy or procedure, review a bulletin notification, or write an email to communicate a change in process or engage my team.”

“There are two critical things I feel a leader needs when working with a team that is remote – trust and communication…I feel trust is critical to making everything else work in a team. The reason why communication is important is obvious – it is vital in relaying information and instrumental in bonding the team.”

Emily has managed to successfully bring her team together by making group cohesion a top priority. She has taken the initiative to create an approach that welcomes new team members and emphasise the importance of togetherness. This begins with a short questionnaire about the team member’s life including hobbies and goals, and the creation of their own team’s vision statement.

Although challenging, it is a role Emily says is very rewarding. Her hard work and excellence in leadership has not gone unnoticed by those around her as she was awarded the ‘People Leader’ award last year. With her humble nature and admiration for her colleagues, it’s not hard to see why.


“I just felt honoured that someone felt I was worthy enough to be nominated! I still feel humbled that I received this recognition as I work with such extraordinary people that inspire me every day!”

“Receiving this award to me means I have, in some small way, been able to positively contribute to a happy, positive workplace…the award makes me appreciate it was not gained alone – I am surrounded by incredible people who all work so hard with this joint vision and determination to achieve great outcomes.”

To rest from all the hard work and outstanding leadership she offers, Emily makes sure to squeeze in time doing things she loves such as gardening, burying herself in a good book or spending hours painting as she watches the scenery. Enjoying her family’s company is also on top of her list, whether it be having dance parties or getting into a movie marathon.

Having a role that she is so passionate about and having built a team that shares this passion, she can honestly say that at Medibank, “i work + inspire better”.



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