Career pathways with Tom Le

Published: November 22, 2016

Beginning his journey as a Customer Service Consultant in a little kiosk down at Cabramatta, Tom Le has come a long way in his 4.5 years working for Medibank.

“We were just a little stall in the middle of Cabramatta. It fit two people but it had everything we needed.”

Tom has since moved up in his career, going on to become the Assistant Manager for the Burwood retail store and most recently joining the Sydney team as a Corporate Activation Specialist, providing him with a variety of working environments.

“As a Corporate Activation Specialist, I look after all the corporate events in NSW and this position means that I’m not always in the office so there really isn’t a typical day. If I’m not sitting at my desk working, eating carrot sticks and sending e-mails, I could be out with a client doing an expo or at roadshows with consultants doing one on one. It really varies, I like to be out there so the opportunity that I have here is fantastic.”

jpmcc  photo-4

As a company, Medibank offers a great work culture and support to its employees. Tom says that it is through the support of the people around him that he found his way to where he is in now.

“I have a great team and great leaders who have encouraged and helped me shape my career to where I am today.”

Tom now also has a different perspective of what health applies to and specifically, Medibank’s purpose of ‘For Better Health’.

“It used to mean something else such as having to get healthy and eating right. Now it’s a little bit different. It’s making those little steps to improve yourself every single day. It might not be aesthetically or physically, it could be mentally, psychologically or emotionally. It’s all those things that play a part in making you a better person.”

Being part of a great team that he enjoys working with every single day, it’s not hard to see why Tom can happily say that with Medibank, “i laugh + collaborate better”.

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