Some of Stephen’s best memories involve those with his team

Published: December 6, 2016

Stephen Andrews, Retention Specialist – Customer Connect.

Stephen Andrews’ role requires him to be in constant connection with customers and remind them how Medibank can make their lives better.

As a Retention Specialist mostly working on outbound retention, it is his job to reach out to customers who have shown interest in closing their memberships.


Stephen says that he is able to do his job well because of the amount of support he receives from the organisation and his passion for better health for all Australians.

“Medibank provides various training options, which means my needs are met and I feel encouraged to step out and into new adventures. There is a strong and supportive network whether it be on the floor, online or on the phone.”

This constant support is present not just from the company itself but also from the people that work in it every day. According to Stephen, some of his best memories in life involve those with his peers at Medibank.

“The memories with people I have shared my journey with make me smile the most. Whether I was with them during those early days or working with them on a particular project. Watching them develop through their different roles is refreshing, enjoyable and inspiring.”



The workplace culture and the encouragement of collaboration play an integral part in how much enjoyment and love Stephen has for his team and for Medibank.

“There is a wonderful culture of can-do attitude. Nothing is too big for the team because we always find a way. Medibank provides an enjoyable and relaxed atmosphere where one can work independently or with others easily.”

Having been a part of the organisation for the last two years, Stephen has spent a great amount of time understanding the company’s purpose of ‘For Better Health’ and doing his best to implement it in his own life with his family.

“Whether ‘better’ means healthier, stronger, fitter, more active, more appreciative or more loving, it just means something that has a more positive impact in your life and doing the things that make you happy.”



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