Why I find it rewarding to work at an Australian Defence Force On-base Health Centre

Published: January 13, 2017

Hany Botros

“The Laverton On-base Health Centre is not at the largest ADF base—but it’s action packed!”

For the past two years Hany Botros has delivered Pharmacy services at the busy Laverton ADF base—20 kilometres to the west of Melbourne—where he values the highly professional environment and serving a diverse group of appreciative and motivated patients.

Hany discusses the reasons he finds it rewarding to work at the Laverton On-base Health Centre.

  1. The healthcare work is varied

“The Laverton On-base Health Centre is not the largest ADF base but it is action packed—no two days are ever the same! When a ship arrives or ADF personnel are deploying or preparing for training exercises there is a lot of activity which means I see new faces every day, who need my advice and Pharmacy expertise. It’s a challenging and stimulating environment and I have developed new skills and grown as a healthcare professional during my time here.”

  1. Working with diverse nationalities

“The Defence International Training Centre (DITC) is based at Laverton and is an ADF training unit that provides language training and cultural familiarisation courses for foreign military members.  There is a reciprocal agreement to take care of foreign military members while they’re attending DITC and living On-base. It has provided me with the opportunity to work with people from all over the world. To engage and connect with them I try to learn a new foreign language word every day. Today I learned ‘mànzŏu’ which is Chinese for ‘take care’.”

  1. Professional team and colleagues

“I work with a team of highly dedicated and professional people. We work collaboratively to provide the very best healthcare possible for ADF personnel. It’s a happy and enjoyable environment.”

  1. Appreciative patients

“ADF personnel are the most appreciative patients I’ve worked with. The vast majority are grateful for my care, they seek my advice, listen and follow it carefully. It’s incredibly rewarding to work with people who are dedicated to improving their health and realising their peak fitness.”

  1. Exceptional working conditions

“While the Laverton On-base Health Centre is busy throughout the year, the majority of the healthcare team take leave over the Christmas holiday period. A small number of our team do remain On-base to manage critical injuries and/or conditions, but the rest of us take leave and that is not always the possible when working in the healthcare industry. This year I used my leave to travel to Cairo, Egypt to visit my parents.”


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