A passion for teaching inspired Debbie to grow her career internally before landing her dream role

Published: January 19, 2017

Moving departments isn’t always an easy decision, but it may just be what is needed to find the role that best suits you – that’s exactly what happened to Debbie!

Debbie started her journey with Medibank as part of the People & Culture team, specifically in Learning & Development. Here, she was responsible for setting up internal training programs for employees. She later found herself using her knack for technology and passion for customer experiences across a new project involved integrating employees into a new activity based working environment at Medibank Place.

“I recognised pretty quickly that this would be the spot for me. That was where I found my feet, it was absolutely the opportunity I needed.”

Debbie’s experience in Learning & Development had allowed her to develop skills in facilitation. Although she enjoyed teaching others, not being a fan of public speaking held her back from getting the most out of the role. When a new opportunity came up in the tech space offering the best of both worlds, Debbie knew she had to take it.

“When a role came up in the IT help desk team, I was able to put my passion for teaching into practice showing people how to use technology and ensuring they have a positive experience. After eight months of maternity leave, I came back to Medibank and quickly stepped up within the IT Service Delivery Team, which is where I remain today, and I love it.”

No two days are alike  for Debbie and her team – it depends on what the customers bring them on a daily basis. The majority of her role involves facing employees and helping them with their IT issues

“I have a very busy yet upbeat team. We spend our time figuring out problems and coming up with solutions. It’s just about listening to people, listening to good and bad experiences, and trying to make those experiences a lot better.”

Debbie says that she has seen a lot of change within Medibank over the last nine years, but the organisational culture and employees’ commitment to Medibank’s purpose have managed to stay strong.

“People are very friendly, collaborate well and are not afraid to ask questions to find the best solutions. It’s a very flexible place to work. There are constantly people engaging together across the building, taking the steps between levels. Medibank is all about health and wellbeing, and our employees are very proud!”

During her time at Medibank, Debbie has learnt to apply the company’s purpose ‘For Better Health’ to her own life.

“It’s very much about having a healthy balance in life, between family and work. It’s just that all-encompassing lifestyle balance – a bit of exercise and doing the things you enjoy at the same time.”



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