Actively creating awareness, Sofie’s mission is creating the new norm for women in IT!

Published: February 1, 2017

Sofie Christensen spends her days engaging with the organisation to raise awareness for the Enterprise Security team and how to improve the tasks that employees perform each day to eliminate risk for Medibank, and its customer’s. In the IT industry, specifically in security, there still stands a gender barrier, but this is something that Sofie actively creates awareness for in her role.

“Late last year, I encouraged Medibank to host and sponsor an industry-focused panel here at Medibank Place for the Australian Women in Security Network. The event offered a platform for three representatives from the security industry, including myself, to talk about their experiences. It also offered a chance for me to reflect on career barriers in the security space from a gender perspective and to promote a general awareness of our industry as a career option for all.”

Having worked in the industry for six years, Sofie knew exactly what she was looking for in a career and this was something she found Medibank offered her.

“I came to Medibank because I wanted to have the feeling of achievement and accomplishment, feeling like I had a common purpose, that I was achieving something from end to end. I wanted to be part of a team that focuses on the company, understanding how people work and doing my best to defend Medibank and its customers against common threats that I see occur every day in the security industry.”

Working in an area of the business that requires problem-solving on a daily basis, Sofie says there is never really a 9-5 routine day for her and her team.

“We’re very responsive so our days are spent dealing with incidents, with people, and requests from the business. It’s a lot of variety and requires diligent time management, but it’s really about prioritising and seeking new ways to improve how our team operates, or even potentially automate our way out of our own jobs.”

To Sofie, her team plays a big part in why she loves working for Medibank and why this new experience has been such a positive journey.

“I like working at Medibank because of my team. I really appreciate their knowledge, expertise and how we collaborate. I don’t have as extensive hands-on security operations or technological experience as my team mates, so they’re a wealth of value that I can’t underrate.”

One of the biggest things that helps Medibank succeed is its employees who work together towards the same goals and purpose.

“A part of the reason I joined Medibank is because I agree with the company’s mission of better health, I felt connected the values that I would be working to protect. To work for a company that has focus behind everything that they do, I find it very rewarding. Since joining the business, I’m continuously finding that ‘i work + defend better’.”

To relax, Sofie spends her time at her farm of 5 acres, tending to her many animals and gardens.

“I have a cow, I have ten chickens and a kitten, eight veggie patches, and a great garden! So anything farm related is how I spend my spare time to relax.”



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