Traveling far and wide, Sergi now feels right at home

Published: February 15, 2017

Relocating to the other side of the world, leaving family, friends and the place you grew up, is one of the most challenging things a person can do. Restarting a career and working hard to get to where you want to be is not an easy feat either. This is something Workplace Services Team Leader, Sergi Tudela, can testify to.

“I grew up in Barcelona, then moved to London to study my Masters in Marketing, this is where I met my wife. She’s from New Zealand originally, however, had lived in Melbourne for a number of years, so it seemed like an obvious choice when we decided to move to Australia. I’ve come to really love Melbourne, the people, the environment and the diverse culture.”

His journey has been that of both hard work and seizing opportunities as they come his way. Sergi knew that in order to move forward, he would have to be driven and not be afraid to take chances.

Medibank has provided Sergi with different opportunities within various teams, helping steer him towards the Team Leader position in the Property & Procurement team.

“I began my professional life at Medibank via a temping agency, working in admin roles and in the mailroom for about six months. With my background being in Marketing, I was introduced to the internal Marketing team here and got involved in a number of projects. Assisting with the launch of Generation Better was a fantastic project to be involved in and a great opportunity to showcase myself.”

“I continued working in the Workplace Services space for a further three years when the Team Leader position came up.”

As Team Leader, Sergi is responsible for managing the Service Centre team, ensuring the delivery of efficient and customer focused services. Sergi’s team provide support on a National level to Medibank offices and Retail centres for all Workplace Support Services.

In the five years that he has been a part of Medibank, Sergi says that there is one standout moment for him.
“Becoming a team leader, for such a recognised company like Medibank, has definitely been both a positive step forward professionally and one of my biggest achievements since arriving in Australia (next to marrying my wife of course!).”

Sergi has a number of hobbies that help him maintain his work-life balance and keep a healthy lifestyle.

“I’ve always been quite active and participate in various sports, with more recently discovering Thai Kickboxing (Muay Thai). I love the high-intensity work-out and the mental challenges against both your opponent and yourself. Since taking up the sport, I have competed in two Muay Thai competitions in Melbourne and won both by unanimous decision. I also love exploring new places around Victoria and, at home, I unwind by watching films and playing my electric guitar.”


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