Nick shares his Cadel Evans experience!

Published: February 16, 2017

Nick Addison and Andrew Day, from Medibank’s People & Culture team, recently joined Aussie cycling legend Cadel Evans for an exclusive ride around Victoria’s Surf Coast.

We caught up with Nick, following the ride, to hear about the prize experience with the Tour de France winner and Medibank Brand ambassador.

A private ride with a Tour champ is a big deal! How did you prep for the event?

“I made a commitment in the new year to start going on longer rides and I managed to do that throughout January which was perfect timing for the ride with Cadel. I also read Cadel’s new autobiography which I got for Christmas which was good to understand his career a little better and what makes him tick.”

Were there any tips or stories shared by Cadel before, during or after the ride?

“Cadel is a great talker and shared lots of different stories with us. The thing  that resonated with me the most was that he set his sights on a professional career in cycling very early in life, and although he endured plenty of setbacks and disappointments along the way, in hindsight he was adamant that it was the difficult times that gave him the strength and determination to achieve his ultimate goal of winning the Tour de France.”

In his recent chat with Craig Drummond, Cadel mentioned embracing small steps that can support better health. Aside from cycling, what’s your ‘go-to’ around fitness and wellbeing?

“Routine. We all lead busy lives and I find that staying active is one of the first things to drop away without routine. At a minimum I lock in a morning weekday ride, a weekend ride and a lunchtime run each week. Anything on top of that is a bonus.”

If you could choose any road in the world, where would you take the bike next?

“Good question. Despite the pain, I do love a good climb, so it would have to be one of the famous mountain passes of the Tour de France like Mont Ventoux. Hopefully I’m lucky enough to get the opportunity one day. ”


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