Together, Medibank and Sian remind us that love knows no boundaries

Published: February 23, 2017

Medibank prides itself on embracing people from all walks of life. From different cultures; those with a disability; to the LGBTI community, Medibank welcomes each employee with open arms.

Sian Pearce, Store Team Leader of the Joondalup Retail Store in Western Australia, is a proud member of the LGBTI community, whose life has been positively impacted by the company’s dedication to diversity and equality.

“Now more than ever, I am so proud to be associated with Medibank. I have become a vocal and proactive advocate, after witnessing the intentional changes to our internal strategy regarding equality. The Medibank brand speaks to the Australian public with such bravery, which is met with an overwhelmingly positive response.”

Revealing who she is to both herself and to those around her wasn’t the easiest, but Sian knew that it was something that needed to be done.

“To initially expose my sexuality, to those I love and respect, was something I found really difficult. Despite this, I am fortunate enough to have a loving and open-minded family, as well as a doctor who was able to help me through the cognitive process.”

Sian & her family

Sian’s life as an LGBTI person hasn’t always been easy, but her days have become brighter since meeting her partner Jo, who was also going through her own hardships. During one of her nights out, Sian found herself in the company of Jo and knew that she was her ‘someone’.

“Jo was on her own rocky journey, yet together, we were able to find the answers to many of our own uncertainties and over time, the cure for the pain came through the unconditional love we still share now.”


Sian & Jo

Sian says through being a part of Medibank and its welcoming culture, she has found herself in a happier place, one that allows her to be her full self.

“As a Medibank employee, I don’t feel the need to waste energy on creating a disguise or maintaining a façade. I feel more confident in myself. It’s about being who I am at every moment, being honest and transparent with my colleagues.”

Sian with the Medibank Retail team in Joondalup

Medibank has played a crucial part in opening Sian’s heart and mind to what it means to be part of the LGBTI community, and society in general.

“Since joining Medibank, I have grown significantly, both personally and professionally. It has been surprising for me to find a stronger sense of self-awareness and acceptance than I ever knew I had.”

From Sian’s perspective, Medibank is a place of inclusion and equality. It doesn’t discriminate but instead, encourages each individual to bring their whole selves to work, to be comfortable, and to be proud of who they are.

“Imagine you’re able to be a part of a business that truly helps, guides and supports people during some of life’s most pivotal moments. Now imagine that you are able to do this within an environment where you can be who you truly are and be supported. That’s what I do every day with Medibank and I couldn’t be prouder to be a part of it.”


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