FlexBetter is right on trend says Medibank employee, Dani

Published: February 24, 2017

With the same daily routine and barely any room for movement, a 9 to 5 job can become difficult to embrace all the things in life that you really enjoy. Danielle Brodie (Dani) understands the importance of flexible working and is fortunate enough to have this available to her.

Medibank offers a suite of FlexBetter options, that allow employees to tie in a variety of flexible factors into their daily work lives. It gives employees the chance to embrace a healthier way of working, offering flexibility in how and where they conduct their work.

Dani celebrating with the team at the Medibank Christmas party in Melbourne.

“FlexBetter creates a pathway to better inclusion and productivity. For me, it can mean working from different locations, at home or onsite, or flexible working days where I can focus on my passions outside of work.”

Dani is just one of Medibank’s employees who has been benefitting from the company’s FlexBetter options. Being able to FlexPart-Time at Medibank means that she is also able to focus on her own fashion styling business.

“I work four days a week, which allows me to dedicate extra time to my styling business – Style Me Happy. I love having my fingers in two pies, so to speak, and I think that my involvement in both enterprises is of equal benefit to both. The introduction of FlexFit (part of FlexBetter) at Medibank means that employees can dress for their day, as opposed to the traditional corporate dress code, which is both progressive and totally logical.”

One day of the work week, Dani focusses on her styling business, Style Me Happy.

Having FlexBetter has proven to be popular with Medibank employees and according to Dani, it’s highly effective in increasing productivity.

“FlexBetter allows for more inclusion because we don’t eliminate talented people from our workplace by limiting our structure to a traditional environment. I think when we empower our workforce, we get the best results.”

Dani with her colleague Jo.

Not everyone has worked in a flexible environment before and may not know the best way to go about it. Dani says that the easiest way to approach Medibank’s flexibility is with open and honest conversations, and a little trial and error.

“Start with baby steps and make full use of the FlexBetter options. Focus on what components could be applied to your work-life, rather than on limitations, take it slow and see what works for you.”

Click here for more information on FlexBetter options with Medibank.


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