“With FlexPlace, I make my career work for me”

Published: April 6, 2017

Medibank’s FlexBetter was introduced to help employees achieve work/life balance, with different options to suit each individual. FlexBetter offers employees a range of flexibility options such as FlexFit, FlexHours and FlexPlace.

Member Health General Manager, Rebecca Bell, knows how vital it is to have balance in both the professional and personal aspects of life and tells us how she takes full advantage of FlexBetter.

Rebecca lives in Northern New South Wales, at the family farm. With FlexPlace, she is able to be where her loved ones are and still carry out her job as normal.

“The flexibility that I am able to have with Medibank means that I can be in the same place as my family whilst also doing my job.”

Life on the farm – Rebecca and her family.

Rebecca says that flexible working not only enables her to work from home, but it also allows her to focus her attention where it’s needed.

“With FlexPlace, I am able to adjust what I exert my efforts into. It’s definitely not just about time, it’s also about energy.”

Having the opportunity to work from home also proves to be something that promotes a more positive mindset in employees. Being happy and content living where she needs to be has ultimately made Rebecca a better worker.

“I’m more creative, optimistic and engaged with my work. This then translates into the health programs we provide our customers with, as well as the type of leader and colleague I can be.”

It has also provided her with a new perspective in life, giving a broader take on the work that she does.

“Being able to work from home provides me with a different type of community connectedness. I know more diverse, interesting people, which helps me bring an alternate view to my job.”

She openly encourages her team to also take advantage of the FlexBetter options. This ensures that they are balancing their professional and personal lives in ways that suit them.

“Within my team, we make ‘work’ work for us. We bring all aspects of ourselves, our interests, our hopes and aspirations. We work hard but we’re also able to integrate it with our personal lives.”

Rebecca knows the importance of having a good work-life balance.

Rebecca believes that it’s the care that Medibank has for its employees that makes us standout in the industry. The wellbeing of the people that work within the business has always been a top priority.

“We care about our customers, and what we’re trying to do for them and their health. It doesn’t stop there though, as the care also comes across for our employees and FlexBetter is an example of that.”

Rebecca says that one of the things she loves about working at Medibank is that it truly is about people; both customers and employees. There is a real focus on doing what it takes to make each job and service work for every person.

“I will never stop appreciating the impact we can have on a customer’s life – whether it is big or small. For me to be able to do my job properly, my professional and personal life have to be in sync. That’s something I’m guaranteed with FlexBetter.”

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