For Leann, curiosity and a drive to explore opened up a world of opportunity

Published: April 19, 2017

Leann McMillan joined the Medibank family just over 9 years ago. During which, she has had the opportunity to learn from different roles, and apply these new skills and experience throughout her career. This is one of the beauties of being a part of Medibank, there are opportunities at every turn and plenty of chances to change your career path and expand your learnings.

“I’ve been at Medibank for over 9 years and held 6 different roles during my time. The company’s dedication to its employees is beyond amazing, there is so much support and every person is challenged to grow both personally and professionally.”

Beginning her journey as an onsite Health Consultant with ahm Total Health, Leann was part of a health promotion and injury prevention team that serviced a range of corporate clients.

“In this role, I learnt so much about innovation and product development. It was such a great platform for me to build and develop my communication skills.”

To say Leann has been open to exploring new opportunities is an understatement. When ahm Total Health transitioned into Medibank Health Solutions, Leann took on a Team Leader position for two telephonic programs. Two years later, she took on a six-month secondment as an Operations Manager, after which she joined Garrison Health Services. This move gave her the chance to expand her knowledge in clinical governance, before landing in the role of Operations Manager within Health Support. Today she holds the role of National Operations Manager for CareComplete.

Medibank makes it a point that employees’ passions are also nurtured, whether they be professionally or in other areas of their lives. In Leann’s case, her passion for exploring her career mirrored her adventure for life, and as an avid outdoor enthusiast, she was able to take six months off to pursue her passion for snowboarding.

“I was fortunate enough to have sabbatical leave approved so I could set out to explore the world. In my absence my role was used as a development opportunity to let others grow and expand their skills, which I personally think was great.”

This is a true testament to how much Medibank is willing to do in order to make sure that employees are content with their job and are happy with where they are in their journeys. Employees’ contentment at work is without a doubt a strong focus for the company.

“This was a rewarding experience for me. I’m so grateful for the opportunities that I have been given. The values that the organisation upholds is of great merit and I couldn’t imagine working anywhere else!”

Another way that Medibank supports its employees and their careers is through study programs. Having the chance to expand her knowledge with the aid of the company is one that, she says, has become one of her favourite memories.

“I was given the opportunity to complete my Diploma in Management through the Medibank Managing with Purpose course. This was such a great experience as I met other team leaders in the business and I had a hands-on opportunity to develop my leadership skills.”

Every day when Leann leaves work, she says she feels nothing but pride. Being a part of Medibank not only helps her grow in her career but it gives her the chance to do something even better – positively impact people’s lives.

“I feel that I’m actively making a difference and contributing to something that has the potential to change people’s lives for the better.”


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