How well is your workplace?

Published: April 27, 2017

An employee’s performance in their job is a reflection of where they are in their personal lives. And vice versa, how content we are with our jobs affects us outside of it.

There are many different factors that impact each individual in the way they work and live, and that’s why Medibank and Deloitte have teamed up to create the Wellbeing@Work Index. The Index offers a way for an organisation to find out how healthy their organisation really is.

The Index helps organisations to be far more targeted with their budgets and far more analytical when assessing the effectiveness of those budgets.  The Index doesn’t just measure one area, like many specialised surveys, but rather takes a much more holistic approach.”

According to Olly Bridge, Head of Corporate Health and Wellbeing, this Index is an ideal way to measure a company’s wellbeing as a whole because of 2 unique elements:

  1. The Index measures multiple aspects across four pillars – Mind, Body, Purpose & Place. Assessing across these four pillars unearths far more insight for the organisation than just one aspect in greater depth like most other surveys in this field.  This gives organisations far more actionable results, which will ultimately make it worth their while.
  2. The Index is completed ‘top down’  from the executive team and ‘bottom up’  by the employee base, which helps to highlight any disconnect between the executive team’s assessment on the pillars and the employees view of it.

“It’s about far more than just people’s waistlines, it’s about organisations helping their employees to get the most out of life and enabling them to bring their whole self to work.

We analyse and compare the results against the below four pillars:

The Wellbeing@Work Index strongly ties in with Medibank’s FLEXbetter suite, which offers employees different options they can use to make sure they have the flexibility they need to do their best work.

“The Index is a great way for Medibank to measure if FLEXbetter is having the impact we want it to have. So far, the Index has highlighted a strong link between those who take advantage of our flexible working arrangements and those that have a higher level of wellbeing.”

Additionally, the Index has the ability to highlight other potential problem areas in an organisation that employees may not feel comfortable talking about to their teams or their leaders. This way, employees have the opportunity to voice their concerns without the fear of being a singled out.

The Index could, for example, highlight that there is issue in a particular team/location that is adversely affecting their Wellbeing and therefore the organisation could increase their focus and support on this team/location to ensure that they feel supported and helped through whatever challenge they might be facing.”

Medibank CEO, Craig Drummond presenting alongside Deliotte CEO, Cindy Hook, at the Deliotte NED forums, speaking about the Index to Non Executive Directors about health and wellbeing in corporate Australia.

The overall aim for the Index is to:

  1. Help organisation to recognise areas where they are rating positively and where their challenges lie, benchmarked to other organisations.
  2. Enable tangible assessment and measurement of any intervention put in place to improve the wellbeing of their employees.

The Index has ultimately been created so that organisation can benchmark and measure their own employee wellbeing, within their own unique context, and enable them to have robust discussions in boardrooms across Australia.

Click below to learn more about the index and how it can help your workplace.


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