Break out of the corporate wardrobe and put more of you into your day.

Published: May 4, 2017

Written by Danielle Brodie, Medibank employee and Stylist. 

FlexFit gives us the opportunity to express ourselves, be more comfortable and ultimately be more effective at work. Unencumbered by the constraints of the more traditional ‘corporate’ wardrobe, we are free to put more focus into our day.

“So Dani, how and where do I begin?! Should I throw out everything I used to wear to work and start from scratch?”  Well Mon Amie, don’t panic just yet. Yes, whilst FlexFit is liberating, it does get the mental cogs turning, as we all learn to adjust our thinking to this new approach to our workday wardrobe.

‘Casual dress’ doesn’t mean you can’t still look put-together and just a little bit polished. Personally, I find that how I dress at work helps me to get in an effective headspace to tackle my day, as well as playing a role in communicating to others who I am and what I am about. So in that respect, it is important.

In light of this, I’ve put together a couple of tips after the jump, to help you navigate this new territory and ensure you can still get mileage out of even those more corporate pieces in your wardrobe:

  • First up, FlexFit is about activity based dressing, so dress for the day you actually have. Not off to the gym? Then leggings and a crop top are probably not your best bet. Not en route to Coachella? Then that crochet top and your favourite daisy dukes ain’t gonna cut it. Not attending a beach BBQ? Then yes, you guessed it, thongs and a sarong are off the table. It’s not rocket science, you got this.
  • Think high-low. Don’t be afraid to mix some more formal, or traditionally corporate pieces in your wardrobe with more casual pieces. The classic ‘blazer and jeans combo’ is a great example of this. The other day I saw a gent entering the building in a dress shirt, fitted chinos and white kicks, and I thought to myself, ‘killed it’. These kinds of combos are comfortable whilst still looking sharp.
  • “Style is a way of expressing yourself without having to speak” is one of my favourite sayings. You don’t have to love fashion to consider what you’re communicating by what you choose to wear and how you choose to wear it. With that mind, take care of the little details. Fraying cuffs, lint covered jackets and pilled jumpers are all fixable, without breaking the bank.
  • Do have fun with it. Throw open wide the doors to your closet, pull things out you haven’t worn for a while and try on different combinations.

And don’t forget, confidence is the best outfit of all, so whatever you wear, own it!

For more FlexFit inspiration, check out the below ideas from Pinterest.



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