FlexBetter supports employees to reshape their lives into one that works for them

Published: June 7, 2017

Striking the right balance between our personal and professional lives can be an ongoing challenge. Changing gears from work to home life is not always smooth and boundaries can become blurred.

Workplaces that provide options to encourage and support work/life balance play an integral part in creating positive lives. Medibank has recently introduced FlexBetter, which offers a suite of options to enable employees to have more flexibility in their roles. This is something that Karen Unwin, Communications Manager for Medibank Health, has been able to take advantage of.

So what exactly is FlexBetter? According to Karen, it offers different options to help employees reshape their lives into one that works for them.

“FlexBetter is how Medibank recognises that we all live full lives and no two days are the same. For me, it supports a work/life blend and lets us design a life we love.”

Karen with her 2 kids, taking time out to enjoy the sunshine.

This is particularly helpful for parents or carers, enabling them to be flexible with their time in order to make their days run smoothly. With FlexBetter, employees are supported to manage just about anything life throws at them, like adjusting start and finish times to work in with school runs, or a work-from-home day if someone’s unwell. Karen says that since the introduction of the suite, she and her husband have become a stronger pair and can adapt to meet their family’s evolving needs.

“It has created choices for my husband and me so we can be a true team. Being able to work adjusted times or from home has meant that we can complement each other’s responsibilities. This allows us to meet both our career and personal commitments.”

Karen with her 2 beautiful kids.

FlexBetter also helps improve the way we are in the workplace and how our teams function. As it is something that is available to every employee, FlexBetter creates a wider understanding of people’s different ways of working and knowing what works for them.

“I love seeing how FlexBetter improves my work day, as well as my teams. We have a mutual understanding and respect that we each have our own unique ways of connecting our work deliverables and lives outside of work, to deliver quality results.”

Since starting her journey with FlexBetter, Karen has grown and developed in how she works on a daily basis. Knowing that she is in control of her working day and that the business trusts her in this, she is able to be more productive, positive and engaged.

“Medibank really walks the walk when it comes to work/life balance, and placing health at the centre of everything we do. I’m grateful to be in a division that equally promotes opportunities for anyone willing to put their hand up. I feel supported and know I will manage to get everything done in my day that is important to me.”


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