Demi’s top 5 reasons why she’s loving her graduate journey so far!

Published: July 13, 2017

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Hi, I’m Demi, one of the Medibank People & Culture Grads. I joined the Grad Program in February this year and have loved every moment so far! Here are my top 5 reasons why I love being a part of the Medibank Graduate Program.


Medibank recently broadened the suite of flexible working options it offers employees, now known as FlexBetter.  All employees are encouraged to adopt flexible working conditions into their roles. This includes wearing casual clothes, working from home and my favorite, choosing the hours that suit you. For me, FlexBetter means that I’m easily able to create harmony between my career and social life. It’s also fun seeing colleagues pack away their suits and wear warm puffy jackets to help defrost our bodies and ensure our fingers don’t freeze over our keyboards! Unfortunately, you just can’t bring your dog to work….yet!

Demi with her ‘work from home assistants,’ Mischa (top) + Archie (bottom).

Health-based working:

Medibank Place is designed around ‘health-based working,’ an approach that encourages positive mental and physical health. You can choose a workstation that suits you. Whether you’d like to take advantage of Melbourne’s sunnier days and work on the outside balcony, sit around the fireplace on colder days or work with a colleague in a collaborative hub – it’s your pick! You can also stay active by joining one of Medibank’s weekly sport or fitness classes. Luckily, remedial massage is included in my Medibank policy.

Demi, with Customer & Portfolio Grad Lauren, getting collaborative in one of the booths.

Demi, with Customer & Portfolio Grad Karen, taking some time out for a game of Jenga!


From our first day as graduates, we received an immense amount of support and guidance. People Leaders understand that for many of us, this is our first-time, full-time role, so they help ease the transition into the corporate world. We all have a buddy who is there to encourage involvement and learning and will always answer questions (even if you do have 100 a day like me). Think of it like the support you received from your buddy in primary school, except you get to go out for coffees instead of playing puzzles! The size of Medibank’s Graduate intake makes it easy to form a close, supportive group. Each week we catch up for lunch to discuss what we’ve all been up to and share our best tips and tricks to navigate our way through working life – even if the tip is where you can pick up a free snack in Docklands!

Demi with (most) of the Grad group enjoying lunch together.

Demi and her team getting together for morning tea in the (somewhat floating) Cloud room. Yum, waffles!

Diversity and Inclusion:

Here at Medibank, individual differences are celebrated, as diversity is what makes our employees so strong. Medibank advocates for inclusion across key areas such as age, gender, culture, LGBTI and disability. I’ve been lucky enough to be part of the Cultural Diversity and Inclusion Working Group and it’s heart-warming to see the genuine passion everyone has for creating a connected community.

Demi with her Cultural Diversity and Inclusion Working Group at an Eid event they hosted for employees.

Some of the delicious food put on at the Eid celebration.

Meaningful Work:

Each day at Medibank is different, as we work our way through a variety of tasks and project which continue to develop our skills. We are trusted to complete work that has a real impact on the business. Throughout the year, I have been able to contribute to many People & Culture processes, such as our annual performance review. I’ve grown from not being able to add or subtract in Excel to making my own spreadsheets! As long as you give everything a go, you will be surprised at how much you can learn in a short time.

My first few months in the Graduate program have been filled with lots of learning, growth, and support. I am grateful to be a part of Medibank’s Graduate program and look forward to the future possibilities a career at Medibank brings.

Read more about the Medibank Graduate Program and follow our current graduates on Instagram (search medibankgrads).


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