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Published: July 13, 2017

It’s not every day you’re awarded 1st prize in something you’re extremely passionate about. Originally from Punjab, India, Healthcare and Benefit Analyst, Harmeet Kaur says that it was while she was studying her Masters at RMIT University in Victoria that she developed a passion for statistics. In 2016, Harmeet’s dedication and hard work paid off, when she beat around 1,500 finalists and took home the Young Statistician Award.

“The award was open to everyone from all over Australia. I presented two research papers and one of which I was awarded 1st place for. Both of these research papers have been published in the Australian Statistical journal and that’s something I’m very proud to have accomplished.”

Harmeet’s passion for statistics & analytics is something that she shares with her brother and is supported by the rest of her family. She says that having her nearest and dearest there to her support in what she loves makes it all the more enjoyable.

“My family is my biggest source of support. My brother is also into analytics so we talk about it in our daily lives. My dad is really into the share market so I’ve done some market research for him to see where he should be investing his money. They’re just always really excited and proud of the work that I’m doing.”

Harmeet with her family.

The Young Statistician Award is something Harmeet will forever hold close to her heart as it has been a strong form of validation of what she is capable of achieving in her life.

“If anything, it has given recognition to my skills. When I was doing my degree, I would wonder how I could actually utilise what I knew, especially knowing that everyone else doing the same degree would have similar skills. It’s definitely given me a boost and made me believe in myself even more.”

Harmeet and her sister.

Landing a position within Medibank and having had the opportunity to move onto different roles has continually strengthened Harmeet’s career goals, knowing that these will be something the company will continuously support.

“I love working here because I have the chance to actually interact with my stakeholders. The company really encourages this and the feedback I receive in all forms are extremely helpful, as they help me improve and take my work to the next level. It’s an environment where I’m challenged in every project and that’s so rewarding because it brings out the best in me.”

Harmeet organised a  Bollywood workshop for her team in the office!

Harmeet and her Healthcare & Strategy team won the master chef challenge during their team offsite.

It can be scary to even think about putting yourself out there because you’re unsure of whether what you think you’re capable of doing is actually enough but Harmeet says the best thing to do is to go for it, whatever it is.

“Take a chance. It doesn’t harm, it doesn’t cost anything and you lose nothing. Even if you don’t win, your next step is to take your learnings and apply those in your next step. People will discourage and encourage you but do it for yourself, then you can say you’ve gone for it.”


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