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Published: August 17, 2017

Career Pathways are as diverse and unique as we are. Some people know exactly what they want to do and how to get there, while others will embark on different journeys before finding their way. Angus Hall, from the Compliance Team at Medibank, is one of those people who found himself somewhere unplanned, but ultimately, it brought him to a role he truly enjoys.

In 2013, at 22-years-old, Angus had just come home after a stint in Europe, had an Undergraduate degree to his name and was about to begin his Law degree. Realising he needed a job and source of income before starting his new degree, Angus applied for a job in the Contact Centre at Medibank.

“I started my Law degree a few months after starting at Medibank. I found I was really enjoying myself so I decided to take a chance, stay in the job and see if I could balance study with work. What started off as a ‘gap year’ job, turned into me staying with the business!”

In the 4 years that Angus has been with Medibank, he has been able to move around and experience different areas of the business. This is one of the great things about being a part of Medibank, there is always an opportunity to expand your knowledge, experience, and network.

“I began in the contact centre and was on the phones for a short time before moving into Customer Resolutions. From there, I was given an opportunity in operational delivery in the corporate team. I stayed there for about a year.  I then took on a role to handle compensation matters, which turned into a secondment with the Fund Policy team for about six months.”

Angus visiting his friend Olivia in the Customer Connect team. *surprise photo!*

After six months in the role within Fund Policy, Angus went on another adventure in November 2016, this time to South America. While there, he received an email from the Compensation team urging him to apply for a position with them.

“I applied for a role within the team while I was away, using very questionable hostel Wi-Fi in Buenos Aires. When I came home at the start of this year, I started in my new role in the Compensation team. I was there for a few months before an opportunity to work with Jane Cole came up. Jane had been my manager in Fund Policy and I had a blast working with her so for me, the decision was a no brainer.”

Angus at the Iguazu Falls in Argentina. 

Having had the chance to go from one area of the business to another has played an integral part in Angus’ growth within the company and his career. He says that the different roles he has had and teams he has been a part of has taught him important things that he applies to his everyday life. He also says that being a part of Medibank and its culture has given him a deep appreciation of what he has become a part of.

Medibank provides plenty of room for growth and development by allowing individuals to explore different career pathways. This encourages employees to dip their toes in different areas, giving them an opportunity to really find where they feel they truly belong.

“I’m very happy with where I’ve gotten. My colleagues have taken an interest in my law degree and I’ve been able to work within areas that have more of a legal focus. Another thing I love about Medibank is that we celebrate individuals and we’re very involved in the community. I definitely feel a sense of pride knowing that I’m a part of this family.”


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