Helping to empower those in need is something we can never measure the value of

Published: October 10, 2017

In today’s world, there is a lot of focus on health and fitness – Are we getting regular check-ups? Are we eating our fruits and vegetables? Are we doing our 10,000 steps a day? What we need to always remember, though, is that the term ‘health’ goes beyond what we see on the outside, it also refers to what goes on in our minds. Many Australians suffer from mental health issues of different types and severities. Just like there are doctors for our physical illnesses, there are also people who are trained to work with those suffering from mental health problems.

Today is World Mental Health Day, which raises awareness of mental health issues around the world and the mobilising efforts in support of mental health. This is something that Mental Health Professional Bianca Scaramella does on a daily basis as she spends her workdays lending her ears to those who just need someone to listen.

“I spend a lot of my time speaking to callers who just want someone to talk to. I help counsel them and I just make sure I’m listening. If need be, I refer them somewhere else if their case is something I can’t go any further with.”

Mental Health Professionals are vital members of the healthcare industry. They are the ones who we can rely on to help clear our minds and get us back on the right track when we’re at our lowest. Bianca knows that what she does makes a big difference in her patients’ lives and says that this is something she’s able to do because of her own life experiences.

“I’m always there to help those who call me. It’s a matter of reassuring them that I am here if they ever need anything. It’s about empowering people and telling them that although they’re going through something very difficult, they can and will get through it. I’ve learned from my own experiences that bad times don’t last forever.”

Bianca says that what makes her extremely proud of the job that she does is knowing that she is encouraging people to take steps forward towards recovery.

“To hear that I’ve actually made a difference in someone’s life is what really keeps me going. We do take difficult calls at times but on the other hand, we have some lovely people who really appreciate what we do for them so it’s good to have that balance. Those are the calls that make you think ‘Wow, I’m really making an impact’”.

Bianca with her Medibank Mental Health team.

Medibank is extremely active in recognising the importance of mental health and providing ways to make sure this part of our daily life is well looked after. This doesn’t only apply to patients but also to its employees.

“Medibank has opened my eyes to the world and the different structures of counselling. They have really helped me see what’s out there and the different severities there are. The company has allowed me to be myself and constantly encourages me to grow in what I do.”

Being a part of Medibank is something Bianca says she deeply values. Knowing that she has the ability to alter someone’s life for the better and bring it towards positivity is something that she appreciates every single day.

“I can be that person who tells them there is help out there and that they don’t have to go through things alone. I can remind them that just because they’re asking for help doesn’t always mean there’s something wrong with them or that they’re weak. I’m able to give them hope and that in itself is something I can’t ever measure the value of.”


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