I joined Medibank for a job, but landed a career

Published: October 24, 2017

Opportunities for growth and development is something Medibank employees are offered from the get-go. Flexcareers offers employees the flexibility to explore and experience new opportunities, in different business areas across Medibank Group. This is something Maayan Zikaras, from the Talent Acquisition Team, has experienced first hand.

Beginning her journey with Medibank in March 2016, Maayan started off as a contractor within the Customer Connect space. However, back in her home in Israel, Maayan spent her time working in recruitment. With this in mind, she made sure to always be open with colleagues about her interest in joining the Medibank TA Team one day.

“During my initial interview, I was very open and asked my interviewer what the chances were of me going into recruitment down the line. I was told that it would be step by step but there was definitely room for movement down the track.”

Maayan getting involved in volunteering with the Medibank Community Fund.

Six months into her Customer Connect role, Maayan started being shadowed by people from across the business who wanted to better understand our customers. As luck would have it, one of these employees was Medibank’s Head of Recruitment.

“I asked her what her role was and it was then that she told me she was Head of Recruitment. I can’t describe how excited I got! I told her that my background was in recruitment and how I was passionate about one day joining the team. She told me there were no available positions at the time, but opportunities always come up. Later on, I had an employee from the Organisation Development team shadow me, where I took the opportunity to share my desire to join the TA team!”

A few weeks later, Maayan received an e-mail thanking her for allowing others to shadow her and at the same time was also invited to spend time with the Talent Acquisition team.

“I just loved it. I loved everything about it. It was what I did back in Israel so I knew that’s where my heart was.”

Maayan then began working in Customer Care, where she dealt with any escalations from members that could not be resolved straightaway in Customer Connect. After a few more months, an email from our Talent Sourcing Lead, pop up saying an opportunity had come up.

“I spent time with the team a few months earlier and that I was very open to one day joining the team. They mentioned that a six-month secondment was available, there were no second thoughts in my mind, I knew I had to go for it.”

Maayan with TA Advisors Ewa and Nicola getting involved in customer thank-you calls.

Maayan was successful in her application for the role and is currently enjoying her time even more at Medibank, being in a role she knew she would love before even landing in it.

“I’m so happy with where I am in my career, it’s a change from Customer Connect but it’s an amazing change. It’s what I wanted to do and I’m so glad Medibank allows for movement within the company and so grateful to have been given a chance to do it.”

Maayan with her new Talent Acquisition and Employer Brand Team! #ATeam

In her new role, Maayan recruits every role with the Medibank values always in the back of her mind. To her, it makes all the difference in how she approaches each candidate and more often than not, how each correspondence flows.

“When I conduct an interview with candidates, I try to make it personal and make them comfortable. It’s all about really listening and connecting with them. It really makes all the difference.”

Maayan enjoys connecting with candidates and is passionate about creating a personalised recruitment experience.

Seeking new opportunities has proved to be a success for Maayan. She has made her way from an area where she was exceeding in her job, to a career where she is now following her passion for recruitment.


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