Make an impact and be recognised for it. Health Champion, Renee, says the award still means everything.

Published: October 31, 2017

The Medibank Shine Awards takes place annually, recognising employees who have made a positive and influential impact on our customers, the business, and in the community. In 2016, there were eight categories – Customer Obsessed, Values-Driven, Collaboration, People Leader, Health Champion, Simpler the Better, Results Driven, and the Executive Leadership Team (ELT) Award. Triage Nurse, Renee Muldoon, was the deserving winner of the ‘Health Champion’ award, for demonstrating how to make healthier choices every day for our wellbeing.

As a Triage Nurse, Renee’s role strongly focusses on ensuring members are receiving the highest level of care and advice with their health needs. The nature of her work revolves around speaking to members over the phone, which she says can sometimes feel restrictive as there are some parts of conversations that would be better in person. Despite this, Renee knows the positive impact that she and her team are able to have in people’s lives.

“Knowing that we have made a difference in their day is an amazing feeling. I have the ability to offer them plans of how to tackle their issues and I know that although I don’t always know what path they end up choosing, their positive response to the work that I do is enough.”

Renee promotes the importance of keeping active and having balance in life.

When her name was called out to receive the award at last year’s Shine Awards, Renee was completely overwhelmed and had absolutely no idea that her colleagues were planning her nomination. She later found out the lengths they went to in order to keep their plans a secret, and was, in the end, blown away.

“The award meant and still means a lot to me. It’s so nice to know that I’ve somehow made an impact big enough to be recognised. To me, the award wasn’t just for me but also for my team, as it proves that the work we continue to do together means something.”

Renee with her broader Telehealth team and other Shine Award nominees.

Being a ‘Health Champion’ is a role that Renee also lives by in her personal life. She makes sure to exercise regularly but says that a part of living a healthy lifestyle means allowing ourselves to indulge every now and then.

“I maintain an active and healthy lifestyle and encourage my family to do the same. My husband Mick, our kids Keira and Max, and I love to go the park or go for walks as it’s a great way to get the family moving. In saying this, we can’t deprive ourselves of the things we love but instead, learn to indulge in moderation. It’s also very important that when we exercise, we love what we are doing. There’s nothing worse than our activities feeling like chores!”

Renee and her family enjoy getting out and about to stay active whilst having fun together.

Being a part of Medibank allows Renee to be the true Health Champion that she is. With Medibank’s FlexBetter, she is able to have a career that she enjoys and still have plenty of time to spend with her children. This, in turn, makes her feel content in both her personal and professional lives, which then translates to how she works.

“’Better Health for Better Lives’ to me means that we live a healthier lifestyle to have an improved quality of life and working with Medibank allows me to do just that. I’m very grateful for the award and for having the opportunity to be a part of such a company.”


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