As allies, we’re not there to lead the movement, but to support those we love

Published: November 9, 2017

Each and every person has something different to offer but what we can all give is love, support, and understanding. These are what the LGBTI community are in need of every single day and why allies are of utmost importance. Medibank Communications Business Partner, Alex Campbell, has been a strong ally of the community since school and continues to be today. In his view, it’s not an option, but just how the world should be.

Alex says that supporting the LGBTI community is something he doesn’t have second thoughts about. “It’s much less about me and more about the opportunity to listen and learn. It gives me the chance to better understand the experiences and identities of those around me.”

Medibank has a strong focus on diversity and inclusion, including the LGBTI community. There are continuous conversations throughout the business about how we can strengthen and build on what is already being done.

“I follow our Passion + Pride group closely, particularly on our social network, Yammer – which is fantastic, as it’s a direct way to learn and listen, and to share in the progress Medibank’s people make possible.”

Alex getting involved in Medibank’s Wear It Purple Day celebrations.

Alex feels strongly about equality and says that every person, no matter their sexual orientation or background, should have the chance to be who they truly are.

“Bringing your whole self to work is something we want for all of our people at Medibank so that we can connect around the issues, challenges, and opportunities that face our community of work. I think that’s incredibly important.”

His role as a Communications Business Partner has provided Alex a channel to support others in sharing their experiences. For this, he is grateful and makes it a focus of his work, each day.

“We need to keep an open dialogue. As a communicator, I’m working to ensure that the voices of our people are heard and given attention, whenever and wherever we can. This is something I hold close to my heart.”

Alex and the Internal Comms team.

Alex doesn’t just talk the talk, he walks the walk by making sure to get involved in different activities. In August, he participated in a ‘Wear It Purple Day’ activation that Medibank led with like-minded organisations. At the event, employees welcomed the public to reflect on what advice they would give to their younger selves, and send a positive message to rainbow youth.

“I was proud to be involved in Medibank’s ‘Wear it Purple Day’ efforts. Our message was loud and clear – that young people everywhere have the right to be proud of who they are.”

Alex with other Medibank employees celebrating Wear It Purple Day.

Being a part of Medibank has also allowed Alex to grow and learn as an ally to the LGBTI community. Although he had always been an advocate, being part of an organisation that supports inclusiveness has strengthened his resolve to listen, learn and support.

“As an organisation, Medibank reflects the values and positivity of its employees, and that shows externally. We’re not only committed to standing up for our communities, customers and people, but to making it part of the fabric of what we do.”

For now, Alex plans to continue what he’s doing as an ally, being there for colleagues, family and friends who are part of the LGBTI community. He also hopes to be a part of next year’s Mardi Gras, which Medibank supports as an official partner.

“However bad my dancing, it won’t stop me from having a boogie with those who back equality. As allies, we’re not there to lead the movement, but to support those we love and work with. That’s all it takes.”


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