For Jennifer, the health of the Australian Defence Force also means the health of her family

With two sons in the Australian Defence Force (ADF), Jennifer understands the uniqueness of Defence environments better than most. Her younger son is based in the Northern Territory while his older brother is now a reservist after ten years of service.

“Both of my boys enrolled in the Cadet program as kids,” says Jennifer. “And I think they saw something they wanted to do.” Life as a military mum isn’t always easy. Jennifer’s older son did two tours of Iraq, and she remembers his calls at 2am. “He’d ring and say hi mum, I’m ok. You might see stuff on the news, but just want you to know I’m fine.”

Jennifer was employed in the Medibank contact centre when she noticed an Appointments Officer role advertised in the Garrison Health Services (GHS) team. The Appointments Officer works with ADF On-base Health Centres and our provider network to coordinate referrals and manage appointments for Defence personnel who need to see a medical specialist, hospital or another healthcare provider outside of the base where they are stationed.

Jennifer with her GHS team.

Having just completed two years on the job, Jennifer says that while the role presents its challenges, like handling high call volumes (anywhere from 20-30 referrals a day) and booking specialists in remote areas, she enjoys coming to work. “I feel my life experiences and background have given me a good understanding of the complexity of the Defence environments, where these bases are located, and what needs to be done. I also feel a personal connection to my work because my boys are part of the ADF too, and their health needs are met by the model that I help support.”

Jennifer’s efforts were recently recognised when she was awarded the Joint Health Command (JHC) Coin by Air Vice Marshall Tracy Smart, Commander Joint Health, and Surgeon General ADF. This award recognises those who have lived the ADF values of Pride, Positivity, Professionalism, Passion, and Empathy. “I was really surprised to win the award,” Jennifer says. “I’m a pretty quiet person, I come to work to do my job and don’t really expect rewards, so I was humbled by the whole thing.”

Jennifer being presented her award.

Jennifer feels that the cohesive culture at Medibank helps her to do her work well. “My team all get on well, we’re all working towards the same goal, and that’s to book appointments within the time frame in the best possible way we can.”

Medibank’s Garrison Health Services (GHS) delivers a national, integrated healthcare service to the 60,000+ permanent and 20,000+ reservist uniformed ADF personnel.

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