Opportunities to move around the business keeps the mind growing and skills expanding

Published: January 18, 2018

At Medibank, individuals are encouraged to grow and develop their own careers. One of the ways our people continually do this is by branching out and gaining experience through different roles. Trying their hands in different areas means they gain more skills, which could positively impact the business.

Damith began his journey with Medibank as part of the Member Advocacy team in Customer Connect. It was during this time that he had a chance to excel in learning the product, which would help him in his next move.

“Starting in Customer Connect was a great to really learn about our products. There, I would speak to an average of 60-90 people a day about their covers and their claims, so I was just constantly learning and really getting to know the products and services we’re offering our customers.”

Feeling like it was time to try something new, Damith started having conversations with some of the Retail business managers. Damith agreed to be contacted if any relevant positions came up, irrespective of where this next role might be. If it was somewhere that would open up a new world of learnings for him, Damith was interested.

“I had previous management experience, so the manager who interviewed me kept my resume on hand because he thought I would fit into the Retail business. Not long after, I was given an interview for a 10-month secondment in the Galleria store in Bourke Street, which finished in April of this year, and after which I was made permanent.”

Damith with his Galleria Retail Store team.

Damith says that being able to speak with customers in person has been the best thing about his move from Customer Connect to Retail. It helps him build a stronger connection with his customers and in return, he is able to understand their needs thoroughly.

“I love being customer facing because there’s just a more personal relationship with the people you’re serving. I have the opportunity to develop a special relationship with them and this encourages me to do as much as I can for them.”

The support employees receive when they transition from one business area or role to another doesn’t stop the minute they begin in their new position. Support is ongoing throughout their whole career at Medibank, wherever they may be.

“Medibank and my manager have been very supportive from the very beginning. He won’t just help me fix something, he’ll always explain to me his reasons for doing it a certain way. This helps me understand the best way to handle things and how to get the best results.”

From experience, Damith agrees that having the opportunity to move around the business is something that helps keep the mind growing and skills expanding.

“It’s a company where there’s so much for employees to explore and do, with so many different roles to take on. I want customers to walk away with trust in Medibank and in myself. Being able to constantly develop my knowledge helps me do this.”

Damith with one of his customers.

Damith says, that the opportunity to move around has enabled him to really show his passion for his job and appreciation for his career.

“I love where I am and I love that I have the chance to speak with customers and make a difference in their lives. It’s a good feeling to not only be allowed to try new things but to actually be encouraged. To me, that’s very special.”


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