It’s about making work fit in with life and life fit in with work

Published: January 25, 2018

Days don’t always go according to plan, sometimes things come up that completely change the way everything was supposed to go. In such cases, there’s pure magic in having flexibility in the workplace. The ability to adapt to unexpected things that come up and still be able to carry on with work is something that benefits both employees and the business. Medibank’s FlexBetter offers a wide range of flexible working options that assist employees throughout their work.

Member Health Program Lead, Stephanie Looi, has only been a part of Medibank since August 2017 but was impressed with the company’s dedication to flexibility from the very beginning.

Stephanie is an optometrist and had her own private practice in Brisbane for a while until she and her now-husband crossed paths, prompting her to rethink the direction in which her life was heading.

“I sold my practice in Brisbane to be with my now-husband in Sydney. I knew I didn’t want to start another practice so I ended up working in a variety of program and product development roles in eye care and aged care. I took 12 months off after having a daughter, and it was during this time that the opportunity at Medibank came up.”

Stephanie with her daughter doing what they love, sailing!

When Stephanie came across the Medibank role on LinkedIn, she was unsure whether it was something she could apply for. The role was looking for a full-timer but having just had a baby the year prior, she needed something part-time. Despite her doubts, she went for it anyway and was surprised by what followed next.

“Honestly, I was expecting a ‘thanks but no thanks’ because they were looking for someone who could work full-time and that definitely wasn’t me. I gave it a go anyway and to my surprise, I received a callback!”

True to Medibank’s commitment to flexibility, Stephanie’s availability of three days a week was fulfilled. Not only that, she was also made aware that working from home is an option whenever she needs it.

“When I was told this, my first reaction was ‘oh my goodness!’, I just couldn’t believe it. There’s a real commitment to flexibility at Medibank. It’s not all talk, the business actually practices what it preaches.”

Being a parent, Stephanie understands how unpredictable days can be no matter how much planning goes into them. Having FlexBetter on her side is something she says she appreciates on a daily basis.

“Just having the ability to work from home if your baby is sick is a such a huge help. When your child becomes unwell, childcare is off the cards and sometimes your partner isn’t able to take time off so the flexibility really helps.”

According to Stephanie, what she has noticed is that flexibility at work increases employees’ productivity and reduces stress.

“It’s amazing because we actually get done what we need to get done. FlexBetter is results-based so it’s about getting the job done as opposed to just working to a set amount of hours. It’s about making work fit in with life and life fit in with work. It’s just fantastic!”

In her spare time, Stephanie volunteers as a helicopter rescue crew member!

When she’s not helping develop products for Medibank members or being a mum, Stephanie volunteers as a firefighter and helicopter rescue crew member. She also enjoys sailing with her family and somehow finds time to go cave diving.


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