Age proves no barrier for David, who was determined to be part of the service that changed his life

Published: February 22, 2018

Have you ever experienced a service so amazing or life-changing, that you felt a desire to be a part of it? This is what happened to Care Enroller, David Hatchuel, when he participated in Medibank’s CarePoint program, which inevitably led him to join the business.

David and his wife have been Medibank members for six years and in that time have been very happy with the support they’ve received.

“My wife Yvonne and I joined Medibank not long after we moved from New Zealand to Australia. Since then, we’ve been very happy with the way Medibank has looked after us whenever we’ve needed it.”

After David survived not one, but two bouts of bladder cancer, his GP recommended that he join the CarePoint Program. It was through this decision that he received a call from a CareCoordinator who then matched him with his CareNavigator Emily.

“Emily has been looking after me for almost two years now and I’ve been very impressed with the level of support, information and genuine care I’ve received from her. She has done such an amazing job, which had me thinking about being a part of Medibank.”

David says that after surviving two rounds of cancer, as well as getting to know Emily, and receiving the service that she and Medibank provide, it wasn’t a hard decision to seek out opportunities within the company.

“About a year into working with Emily, I asked her how I could get a job like hers. After my illness and being able to receive such service from Medibank, I knew I wanted to be able to reciprocate that support and be a part of a company that cares.”

Emily kindly made David aware that the CareEnroller team was growing, which meant there would be opportunities for him to apply. Being a mature-aged candidate did not play a part in whether David’s application was reviewed or not.

“I applied because I thought ‘what have I got to lose?’ and honestly, I was very surprised to receive an email inviting me to an assessment. Eventually, I then received another email inviting me to come in to start the onboarding process.”

Medibank is a strong advocate of diversity whether it be culture, age or sexual orientation amongst others.

“Medibank embraces diversity and it’s the way the world should be. The company is a microcosm of the way we should be, which is just phenomenal. There is just an unbelievable attitude from people. They’re friendly, honest and always willing to help out. Nobody is judged for who they are, what they look like, what their age is or what they’re wearing. It’s amazing.”

David with his grandchildren

David with his gran-daughter

David with some of his grandchildren, Daniel, Adam and Lia.

David has a big love for music and in his downtime, listens to jazz and even attends jazz night in the city with his wife. He is also an avid crime fiction reader, an excellent cook and baker, and most importantly, a loving grandfather to his five grandchildren.


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