Making a difference starts by showing support

Published: March 1, 2018

Late last year, Australian’s used their voice and said ‘yes’ to marriage equality. After much debate and long deliberation, the love between members of the LGBTI community can finally be legally recognised. Despite the lengthy wait for this decision, there are many people out there who have long been strong supporters of marriage equality.

One of these people is Liz Eylander, Commercial & Sourcing IT Manager for Medibank. Liz has always stood by the LGBTI community as an ally no matter what. Surrounded by LGBTI family and friends, she has never had second thoughts about being an ally. To Liz, there are more things in life that make us all the same as opposed to different.

“I see no difference whatsoever. I’d say the LGBTI community has a shedload of strength, laughter, and determination, and those traits make us one in the face of adversity. We’re all in this together.”

Liz with her friends

Liz with her close group of friends.

For Liz, the topic of equality is something that she is very passionate about and believes it is something the world should embrace and live by.

“Equality to me means being accepted for who you are and who you love and not being judged for it. It means having a fair and diverse experience and having the freedom to love who you want.”

Becoming a part of Medibank has not only allowed Liz to continue her support for the LGBTI community but has strengthened her advocacy.

“When I joined Medibank, I was amazed at how diversity and inclusion wasn’t just a corporate box that we had to tick, but rather a living and breathing culture within the office. This makes me so extremely proud to work here.”

Medibank employees celebrating Wear It Purple Day

Liz and other Medibank employees celebrating and promoting awareness for Wear It Purple Day, in the streets of Docklands, Melbourne.

Medibank has always been a solid supporter of equality and the LGBTI community. Employees can be rest assured that their days spent at work will be filled with equality and a diverse range of cultures.

“The ally community and movement at Medibank is so active, I love it. From our participation and sponsorship of major events, to the support of other organisations, and the ally passes that we have on our lanyards. I really feel like our network is at its strongest.”

Liz says that for her, making a difference starts off just by showing support. She believes that the more people openly showing support, the more equal and accepted everyone in all communities will feel. She also says that sharing support, love, and compassion shouldn’t even be a second thought, as we’re all trying to live life the best way we can.

Liz with friends

Liz with friends at the Marriage Equality Rally in Melbourne.

“Life is hard enough for all of us and everyone is fighting their own battle. It makes me wonder why people would be so reluctant to support and encourage one another to live our best lives. It just doesn’t make sense.”

Despite this, Liz stays hopeful that the country’s move to legalise marriage equality is only the beginning of positive things to come for the LGBTI community.

“We’re stronger and more successful as a community with equality and diversity in our lives. Without my rainbow families, my world would be nowhere near as bright.”


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