Harmony Day is more than just a day of celebration, it’s a way of life.

Published: March 21, 2018

Harmony Day is a day to celebrate Australia’s rich cultural diversity. As a company, Medibank is dedicated to maintaining a diverse and inclusive environment, welcoming people from different backgrounds and observing special traditions. Overseas Customer Service Consultant, Dev Vedant, and National Korean Specialist, Justin Timmer, both carry important roles at Medibank by supporting our non-English speaking members.

Dev and his team’s role is to guide and assist overseas students, who have recently moved to Australia, understand their health cover.

“We’re here for them every step of the way. From activating their insurance to ensuring a smooth claim process. We are with the students literally from entrée to dessert!”

Having lived a multicultural life, Dev says Harmony Day to him means more than just the one day of celebration, it’s a way of life.

“I’m Indian by ethnicity and have travelled and lived in India, Sri Lanka, UK, Europe and the Middle East, and now based in Australia. I absolutely love learning about different cultures. I play cricket with people from various backgrounds and coach young kids, so there’s no room for discrimination in my life.”

Dev playing cricket

Dev with his cricket teammate.

Justin, whose job it is to help Korean customers navigate the healthcare system, agrees, saying that Harmony Day goes beyond a single day of celebration, it’s something that is within him every single day.

“I identify as a minority in terms of my ethnicity and sexuality, so I very much understand the significance of being in harmony with all people. Being on an equal level with everyone else is so beautiful and touches the soul. It’s one of the many defining moments that make us human.”

Justin with his Retail team

Justin with his Retail Store team.

Being a part of Medibank has given both Dev and Justin the opportunity to experience this harmony within the workplace. With this, they have found that their experiences as employees and their ability to speak different languages have had a positive impact on their customers.

“Being in a role that specifically allows me to interact with Korean customers in their local dialect is amazing. Given that the healthcare system can sometimes be quite complex, I play an important role in helping them understand it, which I find empowers them to make the right decisions about their health.” Justin says.

Part of the Overseas Students Health Cover team in Customer Connect, Dev had the chance to spend a week at RMIT University, to offer onsite support to the students. It was during this time that Dev found himself using the Indian language to better assist students.

“I think it’s such a big help being able to speak another language to members – past, present and future. Not only is this an amazing experience for me as an employee but this, in turn, has a positive impact on my customers. It’s a great example of inclusion from employee to customer.”

Dev with team leader

Dev with team leader Erin.

Medibank strongly supports diversity and inclusion in every form. The business celebrates different cultural events and encourages people to be a part of them.

“We have people from every culture, religion, and race.  We celebrate Diwali, the Indian festival of lights, Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day, and even footy finals! It’s not limited to cultural events, Medibank is also a strong advocate of the LGBTI community and was a strong support during the ‘Yes’ vote. It’s incredible!”

Medibank’s support for equality is something that connects with Justin on a deeper level. Being part of the LGBTI community, he was able to experience the magic that is Mardi Gras.

“I was fortunate enough to be selected to be a part of this year’s Medibank Mardi Gras float in Sydney and wore my red wings with honour! This moment meant so much to me as it made me feel like I was accepted in society.”

Justin in the mardi gras wings

Justin with Michelle Bridges

Justin in the Medibank Mardi Gras Parade in Sydney.

Dev and Justin say that being part of the Medibank family helps them not only stay focused and provide customers with the best experience but also makes their days fun and filled with new experiences.

“The broader Overseas Student team is always there to help you. If your peers and seniors are supportive of you, individual goals align with organisational goals.” Dev says.

“I love my team and I love sharing life with them. Food is my medicine and I share my love for different cultural cuisines with my Medibank family. It’s just a nice way to spend time together and continue to get to know one another even more.”


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