As a former member of the ADF, Peter holds the essence of ANZAC Day in his everyday role at Medibank

ANZAC Day is a day for all Australians and New Zealanders to take a moment and remember those who have served and continue to serve today. It is a day to pause for a moment in honour of those individuals. Peter Solomon, Regional Manager for Medibank’s Garrison Health Services (GHS) speaks about having the opportunity to support the health of the Australian Defence Force and why this is something he doesn’t take for granted.

Peter is a former member of the ADF, having spent over 30 years as a soldier and Medic within the Royal Australian Army Medical Corps.

“I was the Regimental Sergeant Major within the army, helping provide management and leadership to all soldiers and officers across The Royal Australian Army Medical Corps. When I left this job, my main goal was to find a position in which I could continue to do what I’d been doing, which was working in the Defence environment. I’d been a part of it for 30 years so definitely wanted to maintain that connection.”

Having had this goal in his mind when figuring out his next step, Peter says that when the opportunity to work with Medibank’s Garrison Health Services came up, it was a no-brainer. Garrison Health Services delivers a national integrated health care service to the ADF, ensuring its members are at their healthiest in performing their duties. To be a part of a company that allows him to continue to serve his country was something he knew he had to take.

“Being a part of Medibank has been amazing because it gives me the ability to continue providing a service to our country through making sure that ADF members are fit, healthy and ready to do their jobs. We’re in a privileged position to have our employees on Defence bases, delivering healthcare services. We strive to provide the ADF with the best possible healthcare and that, to me, is very special.”

Peter with colleague

Peter with one of his GHS colleagues, both ex-ADF personnel.

Having been a part of the ADF himself, Peter says for him, ANZAC Day has an even more special meaning.

“When someone has been a part of the ADF, knows of someone who has served or made the ultimate sacrifice, it’s hard not to make it personal. ANZAC Day is a time to reflect not only on my own service but that of everybody who has served and those who continue to serve today. So for me, making sure that the ADF members are given the best possible healthcare is something I’m truly passionate about.”

Peter with colleagues

Peter with his colleagues, discussing the upcoming Invictus Games, of which Medibank is a proud sponsor.

“Medibank has given me and others the opportunity to do what we’re passionate about. I have great support networks around me, from those working hard behind the scenes providing administrative and coordination support, through to the supportive management team who enable me to work autonomously when required and as part of the GHS team. With constant support, we’re able to do our jobs the best we can, enabling our highly skilled and professional clinical workforce to look after the health of the ADF.”

Being in an industry that encourages people to look after their health and wellbeing, Peter finds time in his days to take some downtime, rest and if necessary, take some leave from work. Going to the football and going for drives on weekends are some of his favourite activities to relax and switch off from the hustle and bustle of his professional life.

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