Nurses are the healers the world can’t go without

Published: May 10, 2018

Illness and injury are part of life. People are affected by them every single day, each of different severity. Fortunately, the world is filled with individuals whose mission is to use their knowledge and skills in providing the best care for people. Nurses are an important part of this group of professionals who are making the world a better place, one patient at a time.

Being a Nurse comes in different forms, from someone who works in a hospital to another who provides care over the phone. Either way, Nurses are the healers the world can’t go without.

Medibank employs Nurses whose jobs are carried out differently. Jacqui Wilson of CareComplete spends her days working with people living with chronic diseases while Glenn Allan works from his home on a farm as a Triage Nurse. Megan Russell, who is employed by Medibank’s Garrison Health Services, treats Australian Defence Force (ADF) personnel in an On-base health facility. While in different settings, as Nurses, they have one common goal – to deliver to their patients the best care possible.

Being in a position to be able to help people with their health concerns and potentially save their lives is undoubtedly one of the most rewarding jobs a person can have.

“I worked in both the private and public systems before working as a Nurse in a military environment.   Nothing is more rewarding than being a part of patients’ journeys and seeing them receive positive outcomes.” Megan says.

Megan with colleagues

Megan (on the left) with her Garrison colleagues.

Glenn agrees that being a Nurse is an extremely rewarding role. Despite its challenges, he says the good always outweighs the bad.

“I work remotely from my family’s farm so the way I carry out my job is through phone calls. It’s hugely based on listening intently to the caller to make sure I’m giving them the best advice. It can be difficult when I’m faced with scenarios I’ve never had before but to be able to help empower people to have control of their health is worth it.”

Glenn works from home, on his farm, as a Triage Nurse.

As part of Medibank’s CareComplete team, Jacqui Wilson’s job is to connect with members who are living with chronic diseases. She says that because she is not with her patients in person, it’s extremely important to listen and create a strong connection with them.

“Rapport with people is the most important thing in this job, you have to be able to connect. We aim to improve their lives and activate them so they have information to go forward as comfortably as possible.”

According to Jacqui, she is continuously learning new things through her role. Whether it’s from her colleagues or her callers, she takes every moment as an opportunity to absorb new information.

“My job teaches me a lot. I learn so much from both the people I work with and those I speak to who live with chronic diseases. Every phone call I make, I discover a new way of looking at things, which I then keep in mind moving forward.”

Jacqui (on the far right) with her CareComplete colleagues at a Medibank Christmas Party.

Medibank employs Nurses with different backgrounds and for different roles. Megan says that’s what she loves more about what she does, the diversity in every day.

“We see a variety of patients and cases, and that keeps me really engaged. We also have a deep focus on prevention and health promotion, which I love. For me, these are extremely important.”

While Megan spends her days working with patients in person, Medibank Triage Nurses carry out their roles over the phone. Their role depends purely on the communication between them and their patients. Although this type of work may be challenging to some, for Glenn, it’s something he has successfully and passionately learned to navigate.

“I don’t find that I need to see my patients in order to do the best job I can. I use my nursing skills to ask questions in addition to the programs that Medibank provide us, and together, everything just works.  You also become intuitive with your questioning, and I feel that truly is essential in every call.”

Nurses are more than health professionals, they are people who are continuously and positively impacting lives. Megan says that what could be seen and generalised as a physical job, is also one that is mental and emotional.

“Nurses are caring advocates and are also like surrogate friends. We hear a lot of different stories and see a lot of different things. We’re educators; we reassure and advise, listen and guide. When friends and family can’t be there for support, we are the ones that are there. And that’s what keeps every day so interesting.”

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