We’re fixed about delivering value for our customers, not on the ‘how, when or where’

Published: June 6, 2018

Flexibility in the workplace is fast becoming one of the most sought-after factors during the search for a new career. People are experiencing the benefits of flexible working arrangements both in and outside of the workplace. Medibank’s own FlexBetter provides employees with different options of flexibility. CEO, Craig Drummond, understands that people’s lives are different from one another and knows that each person has different needs.

“FlexBetter provides our people with flexibility in how, when and where they work. Just as people are different, so are their lives. The range of options in the suite reflects this,” he says.

“We’re fixed about high-quality outputs, and delivering value and a great experience for our customers. What we’re not fixed about is how, when and where our people go about this. And while not every type of flexibility will work for every role, we believe there is scope for flexibility in everyone’s job.”

Encouraging employees to incorporate flexibility into their work days means that they have the ability to carry out their jobs in ways that work best for them. When a company promotes this, individuals are able to find a way of working that suits them, which leads to producing their best work. This is something that Craig strongly agrees with.

“Flexibility supports the wellbeing and engagement of Medibank’s greatest asset – the people who work here. Happier and more engaged employees do a better job for our customers. For me, this is a win/win.”

Just like any other changes in life, FlexBetter was and still is something employees are getting used to taking advantage of. It’s important that everyone is aware of and understands the different options that are on offer so that each individual benefits.

“We all have a role to play in making Medibank flexible – whether you’re answering customer calls, processing claims or on the executive leadership team. Businesses need to fully commit to flexible working in practice – they can’t do it half-heartedly or say one thing and do another. At Medibank, we know that communication is key and so people leaders are provided with the tools they need to have open conversations with their teams.”

Craig is a strong advocate of flexible working and says that being a part of Medibank means that employees have the opportunity to work towards reaching that much-desired work/life balance. People are encouraged by their teams, colleagues and leaders to find what works best for them throughout their time with the company.

“People are so much more than their work and we understand that balance gets the most out of a person. The beauty of FlexBetter is that it’s available to any employee for whatever reason, regardless of their personal situation. It’s a key example of Medibank living by its values and being true to its purpose of ‘Better Health for Better Lives.”

Craig Drummond at a Medibank partnered event with Free + Active.

He also says that his advocacy for a more flexible workplace is further heightened by the positive feedback from employees and how FlexBetter has changed the way they work.

“A big part of FlexBetter’s success has been because people have shared their stories and experiences. What stands out for me is the fact that people now know a bit more about each other and what makes them tick outside of work.”

For Medibank’s CEO, becoming a part of the company was strongly motivated by its values and dedication to Australia’s health. To him, this is something that he feels extremely connected and supportive of as both an employee and a customer.

“Our commitment to better health is one of the reasons I chose to work at Medibank and helping our customers take control of their health and wellbeing is something I think about every day. Our Better Health for Better Lives purpose doesn’t mean being the healthiest or the happiest, it’s about living the best life for you, whatever and however that may be.”


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