Making her health a priority allows Rebecca to also look after the wellbeing of her family and her team

Published: September 4, 2018

Focusing on personal wellbeing is vital to living a healthy and happy life. Women’s Health Week is dedicated to ensuring women nationwide make their health a priority. Medibank’s Head of Member Health, Rebecca Tinning, says she looks after herself for many reasons, including wanting to be the best she can be for her family and colleagues.

Rebecca has worked for Medibank for 18 years – the past 15 years from home.

“I began my career with the Medibank in 2000 as part of the ahm family. When my partner got a job in Sydney, I asked my then manager if it would be possible to work from home because I didn’t want to give up my job. I loved it!” she says.

“ahm was really supportive of this. It’s not about the time you spend at your desk, it’s about your output and your impact, and that has stayed true since I transitioned to Medibank.”

For Rebecca, having the opportunity to work from home has had a major impact on her health and wellbeing.

“It’s been incredibly beneficial for me as well as my family. Medibank allows me to have a career, trusts me in a senior management role while taking on extra study, plus raising a family. The time I would’ve otherwise spent commuting to the office each day, I can dedicate towards exercise and being with my family.”

Lining up for a Park Run event with Darcy and Georgina.

Rebecca was a committed runner, having done half marathons and the City2Surf. Having children, unfortunately, affected her hips and she was eventually advised not to run anymore.

“I remember crying when I was told that. Working out is my medicine, it’s just what I do. It was very hard to hear, but when things like that happen you just have to shift your thinking. So now, I focus on cycling and weight training. I also walk but I don’t find that as fun!”

After smashing a half-marathon.

As Head of Member Health, Rebecca makes sure that she practices what she preaches and encourages her team to do the same. By looking after herself, she is able to find confidence in herself to encourage her team to do the same.

“My team all have wellbeing goals and I check in with them every now and then to see how they’re going. I think it’s extremely important for us to have even the smallest of goals because it doesn’t only impact our physical health but also our mental and emotional health.”

Rebecca with her Sydney team.

Putting focus health and wellbeing isn’t always easy but Rebecca says that it’s about trying out new workouts and finding what it is that you enjoy.

“It’s all about exploration and finding what you actually enjoy and not looking at it as a task. Include it in your routine and make it a habit. I still sometimes dread waking up early to exercise but I know that I will feel better afterwards,” she says.

“So get a great playlist, be prepared and don’t be embarrassed to be sweaty in front of people. Life is much better when our health and wellbeing is at its best.”


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