For Joshua, it’s the human connection that keeps his love for physiotherapy alive

Published: September 20, 2018

It’s easy to forget that not everyone can move freely. For some, walking takes extra effort, standing up is accompanied by pain, and lying in bed isn’t as comfortable as it should be. HealthStrong physiotherapist, Joshua Lee, works in different aged care facilities, providing support and relief to those who need it.

After graduating, Joshua began his career with Medibank’s HealthStrong team as a permanent practitioner at Regis Yeronga in Brisbane.

“After six months I moved to Melbourne, continuing my career with HealthStrong at Regis Milpara for the past year. I’m absolutely loving it!”

Joshua says that he always wanted to be a part of the healthcare industry because he understands the importance of looking after our bodies, hearts and minds.

“My fiancé Rachel and I go on a lot of hikes and spend as much time as we can outside to reset. It’s important to remember the impact that a healthy mind has on the body and vice versa. In saying this, we’re not afraid to satisfy our food cravings! You have to allow yourself to indulge every now and then.”

Although he always knew his passion was within the health sector, he didn’t always have physiotherapy in mind.

“I’ve always been passionate about the healthcare industry and knew that I wanted to help people become better. Admittedly, becoming a physiotherapist was not on my mind. It wasn’t until I met a student physiotherapist who explained to me what it entailed and that’s when I knew it was where I wanted my career to take me.”

Joshua spends his time working with aged care residents who need daily assistance and treatments. He says while his role comes with its challenges, the rewards far outweigh them.

“The biggest challenge of being in the aged care industry is working with residents with dementia. There’s an increasing number of people living with dementia and it’s been quite an experience learning how to tailor our assessment and treatment of each person,” he says.

“However, knowing that I make a difference, no matter how small, and seeing how the residents are faring is extremely rewarding.”

Through his work with Medibank’s HealthStrong, Joshua isn’t only making an impact on the residents’ lives but working with them is also adding value to his.

“Living in an aged care facility can be tough. There are many residents with various impairments who require education and treatment to have a better quality of life,” he says.

“Through my role, I’ve become more aware of the challenges that they face. Not only has it helped shape the way that I interact with the people I treat, but I’m continually gaining knowledge and understanding in regards to dementia.”

For Joshua, his passion for what he does isn’t purely based on the opportunity to use skills he has learned through his studies, but it’s the human connection that keeps his love for physiotherapy alive.

“It’s a privilege to be able to improve people’s lives with the skills I have as a physiotherapist. The best part is meeting extraordinary people with so many heart-warming stories to share. That’s amazing.”



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