Helping keep the Australian Defence Force at their healthiest is a strong passion for Kaycee

It’s no secret that focussing on wellbeing can lead to a healthier and happier life. However, despite varied opinions on diet, lifestyle, and fitness, there’s no magic pill enabling us to be the healthiest versions of ourselves.  As a nurse for Medibank’s Garrison Health Services, Kaycee Stevens works with Australian Defence Force (ADF) members, focussing on promoting better health.

Part of Kaycee’s role is to carry out preliminary exams on ADF members for their annual medical check,  as well as pre and post-deployment checks. She is a passionate nurse and understands the importance of promoting better health for those with the responsibility of looking after the nation.

“Health promotion is vital for keeping those protecting Australia at their optimal health. They have a tough job and need to be at their peak to perform the best as they can.”

Kaycee works with a team comprising many different skills and professions, including civilian and uniformed nurses and doctors.

“We cover everything from the common cold to minor procedures as well as the regular medical examinations required for ADF members.”

Kaycee with her colleague, Frankie.

Kaycee says that taking the time to build relationships with ADF members that is filled with trust is one of the best ways she and her colleagues are able to make a positive impact on their lives.

“I think being a civilian has a strong effect on the members. I’m not in their chain of command and I can remain approachable and easy to talk to. With me, they’re free to discuss any health and wellbeing concerns without judgment or fear,” she says.

“I’ve learned that although these people have a huge responsibility, at the end of the day they are just normal people. It doesn’t matter how strong or tough someone may look, each person still has areas that they need help in, whether that’s physical, mental or emotional.”

Through her work in health promotion with Medibank, Kaycee is able to educate people and answer questions about how to better look after themselves. For her, this is how she is able to carry out Medibank’s purpose of ‘Better Health for Better Lives’.

“I love the team I work with both on a daily basis and the larger team within Medibank. I find that ADF members and the public, in general, can be bombarded with too much information, so I see my role as an opportunity to help people understand why and how something can make their lives better. It’s a great position to be in.”


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