Cveta shares how showing heart towards others in everything she does can make a positive impact

Published: October 18, 2018

The annual Medibank Shine Awards recognise and celebrate employees who’ve made a significant impact to the business. The awards acknowledge those who’ve demonstrated and embodied Medibank values through the work they do. Platinum Consultant, Cveta Petreski,  a 2017 finalist in the ‘Show Heart’ category, shares how she incorporates this in everything she does.

Cveta joined Medibank in 2016 and after a year, was nominated for a Shine Award, something she says she definitely didn’t expect.

“I was really quite taken aback that someone thought of me, and took the time to put my name on the ballot. It was such a nice feeling!”

After learning she was a finalist for the ‘Show Heart’ category, Cveta was very surprised and filled with gratitude for the nomination.

“You really can’t describe the feeling. It was nice to know what I do is appreciated. I help because I want to help, not because I want to be recognised for it. To think that my colleagues took the time out of their day to write something positive about me was really lovely,” she says.

“I was very grateful that they thought of me.”

Girl awards nominee

Having been nominated for ‘Show Heart’ is something Cveta continues to be proud of because she knows it’s a value she lives by everyday.

“I put my whole heart into what I do, and try and go above and beyond. I don’t just aim to help customers but colleagues as well. I won’t just brush things off but will take the time to explain things and try and build relationships filled with trust. It’s very important to me.”

For Cveta, showing heart means being empathetic, compassionate and understanding in everything she does. This in return, creates the positive experience customers deserve.

“I put myself in other people’s shoes, I think it’s vital. If I were in a situation where I’d like to be taken care of, I’d want someone to take a few minutes to understand me. That’s the key,” says Cveta.

“At the end of the day, it creates a much better customer experience. If we show heart and actually care about what our customers are calling for, they’re going to appreciate it. When we show heart, people receive great customer service and in return will spread the word with others.”

People at awards night

Cveta (front row, second from right) with fellow Customer Connect finalists.

Cveta is a part of an organisation that supports its employees and celebrates the work that they carry out as well as the impact that they have on the business.

“At Medibank, my colleagues and I receive constant feedback and coaching. There’s also the recognition aspect such as the Shine Awards, which truly shows that the work that we do is acknowledged.”

Asked how she then encourages her colleagues and anyone else around her to put themselves in other people’s shoes and show heart, Cveta says this –

“You lead by example. If you show the right values, then people will hopefully follow. It’s about educating and sharing what you know through actions. That’s the best way.”


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